Metro Chef Daal Masor Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Metro Chef Daal Masor in Pakistan is Rs. 275 and estimated average price is Rs. 275.


Metro Chef Daal Masoor comes with both options, one is the whole masoor while the other is the regular masoor. The former is the brown daal and the latter is orange when raw, turning yellow once it is cooked.


Daal masoor is a commonly used lentil, it is a staple in the South Asian region. The Metro Chef Daal Masoor range has both the whole and regular masoor as well. Masoor can be made with some curry or even drier and is mostly eaten with rice or roti.

Lentils are generally healthy, as is the case with the daal masoor. They have protein, fibres and are a good source of folate which helps reduce the chances of heart issues.

Overall daal masoor also helps keep one's gut health in a good place, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The nature of lentils also helps maintain one's weight. If one eats too much it could upset the stomach, but these would be quantities that would be unhealthy in any food.

One must look after their water intake if they regularly eat lentils as they can cause more kidney stones. All foods should be consumed in a mixed variety and also in decent qualities.

The prices of Metro Chef Daal Masoors are nominal, making them a great meal at an affordable price.

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Metro Chef Daal Masor Washed 1Kg Rs. 275
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