Mezban Samosa Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Mezban Samosa in Pakistan is Rs. 192 and estimated average price is Rs. 570.


The Mezban Samosas are ready to cook, saving you the hassle of preparation. There are various options for filling available so you can choose the filling you like or a mix to serve guests.


Ready-to-cook foods make it easy to enjoy snacks for guests who showed up on a short notice. The Mezban Samosas are such a food item, kept frozen, these can be ready in minutes.

Since the Mezban Samosas are already prepared one ends up saving a lot of time. There are different options for fillings. There are beef samosas, chicken samosas, vegetable samosas, potato samosas and the Punjabi samosa. There is also a cocktail samosa that is essentially vegetable but with spice.

One can choose the Mezban Samosas they like or even have a mix for guests. The exact method to cook the is on the box which one should follow to get just the right kind of cook.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Chicken Samosa 210 grams Rs. 365
Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 210 grams Rs. 250
Samosa Sauce (295g) Rs. 200
Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 210 grams Rs. 250
Mon Salwa Cheese Samosa (20) 340gm Rs. 545
Sufi Potato Samosa 30 Pcs 420 Gm Rs. 550
Tapal Teal Mezban Premier Dust 490g Rs. 550
Punjabi Samosa 400gm Rs. 451
Dawn Chicken Spring Roll 480GM Rs. 651
DAWN Chicken Samosa 15 Pcs 300g Rs. 610
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