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The Mi Trimmers have an amazing battery, one fast charge for an hour gets you extended usage over many trimming sessions. There are options that are waterproof and have many length settings for hair. There are also different speeds in case you have thicker hair and need more trimming power.


Trimmers make it very easy to stay groomed, they can be used to sculpt your beard or to get rid of it entirely. The Mi Trimmer range has a few different options with the same basic functions.

Different options are waterproof so you could easily do your trimming while in the shower even, this would be more if you are using the bare trimmer to get rid of all the hair. Some Mi Trimmers also have different speed options so you can ramp up the speed to get more cutting power for thicker hair.

The long battery is a common feature as is quick charging. An hour's charge gets you 90 minutes of trimming time, which is a lot for a few minutes of daily use over extended periods. They can be used with the cord in case your trimmer is still charging but you need it.

The cutting head can be opened up to make sure the hair inside is cleaned so your trimmer is running smooth. The blades themselves have rounded edges so skin contact isn't dangerous. One can use coconut oil on the underside of the blades to make sure they are lubed and running well.

There is also a travel lock with some of the Mi Trimmers, ensuring your trimmer won't get activated on its own while it is packed and waste all the battery or damage anything.

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