Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 in Pakistan is Rs. 125,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 324,095.


Designed to be a portable business laptop, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a powerful machine with great performance and a decent battery. This device is expensive and with even more expensive variants that have the better CPUs and other components.

Pros & Cons


  • Good performance

  • Great build

  • Instant On


  • Battery could be longer


Microsoft's laptops have done well. The Surface Laptop 3 is made for business use and is a sleek machine. It is easy to carry and has a very well thought out design.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

There are two size options with the Surface Laptop 3, one is a 13.5 inch one and the other is the 15 inch. The displays for both have high pixel density at 201 PPI, this ensures you get the clarity of visuals one needs for their work and streaming. Both have support for the Surface Pen in case you want to use it.

Inside, the processors are from Intel for the 13.5 inch options but the 15 inch one has AMD Ryzen processors. The RAM is 8 or 16GB for the 13.5 inch Surface Laptop 3 and can be from 8 to 32GB for the 15 inch. The RAM is all the LPDDR4x variant which performs very well and this aids the processor in doing its work well.

Storage on the Surface Laptop 3s is removable and is the SSD kind. SSDs are a lot quicker with their read and write times so one gets streamlined workings between the RAM, CPU and hard drive. The storage ranges from 128GB to 1TB, what you get depends on what kind of space you need generally. The OS is Windows 10 Pro and works seamlessly as both the machine and software are from the same brand. 

This laptop has a great keyboard with backlights, this allows one to work with more ease in low light situations. Porting options include a USB-A, a USB-C, the headphone/mic audio jack and a Surface Connect port. This device is also compatible with the Surface Dial but off-screen interaction only.

Speakers on this laptop are omnisonic and feature Dolby Audio. A webcam and mic also let you take your video calls on this device.

The build is sturdy with an aluminium casing and one gets very nice tones in colours with Sandstone, Matt Black, Cobal Blue and Platinum.


The performance of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3s is good. The build, feel and performnce make this an expensive device to purchase. The 15 inch one costs more and generally more powerful components means a higher price tag.

Price List

Model Price
Microsoft | Surface Laptop 3 15" - Ryzen5 128GB Rs. 187,500
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Intel Core i7 (Matte B… Rs. 245,000
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Ci7 10th 32GB 512GB 15 W… Rs. 500,000
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen7 3780U 16GB 512G… Rs. 393,499
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Ci5 10th 8GB 256GB 13.5 … Rs. 342,000
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Ci5 10th 8GB 256GB 13.5 Rs. 290,000
Microsoft | Surface Laptop 3 15" - Ryzen7 512GB Rs. 394,500
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Ci7 10th 16GB 256GB 15 W… Rs. 425,000
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 AMD Ryzen 7 16GB 512GB… Rs. 365,000
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 PLZ-00022 15" Rs. 261,999
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