Microwave Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Microwave in Pakistan is Rs. 8,890 and estimated average price is Rs. 22,803.


A microwave saves time and energy by quickly and evenly heating and cooking food, using electromagnetic radiation rather than heat. With the fast-rising working population and increasing disposable incomes, consumers are spending more and more on technology-driven and energy-efficient kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens. Check out microwave prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Some of the prominent players in the microwave industry are Dawlance, PEL, Haier, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Orient, Waves, PEL, Anex, Homage, Whirlpool and Panasonic Corporation. Out of all these brands, Dawlance and Whirlpool are selling microwave ovens at economical prices in Pakistan while Samsung microwaves are considered very high quality and high end.

Microwave Oven Types

These time saving and convenient kitchen appliances come in a digital and manual variety and are available in countertop and space saver or built-in models. The countertop variety is more popular because of being cheaper, requiring zero installation cost and the convenience of being placed anywhere in the kitchen.


The global microwave market has been segmented into solo, grill and convection. The solo models are used to simply reheat the food. Some may also have advanced features such as timed heating, defrosting etc.


The Grill variety allows for heating a plate or rack to a high temperature to sear the outside of food. These are more spacious allowing for putting several dishes for cooking at the same time. 


This type comes with a fan that helps circulate hot air inside and also uses radio-frequency energy to heat, cook or bake the food. They come with sensor cooking or auto chef cooking modes that automatically adjust the cooking time for every recipe, resulting in well-cooked and great tasting dishes. 

Healthy & Low-fat Alternative

The flavour and texture of the food remain unchanged after heating and the food cooked in a microwave tends to absorb less oil, resulting in a healthy and low-fat food alternative.

Convenient & Easy

Today's fast-changing lifestyle demands quick and efficient methods of heating and cooking food so that even the most culinarily challenged person can gain the benefits with just a few clicks!

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Price List

Model Price
EcoStar Microwave & Grill Oven EM-4201SDG (42 Lit… Rs. 32,600
Dawlance Microwave Oven MD-4 Black Rs. 17,200
Homage Microwave Oven 2811S Rs. 25,400
Microwave Oven with Grill Rs. 30,000
Westpoint WF-830 Microwave Oven With Grill 28Ltr Rs. 22,925
Homage Microwave Oven HDG-282B Rs. 24,900
Haier HDS-2380EG Microwave Oven Rs. 18,643
Haier 25 Liter Microwave Oven HDL-25MX60 Rs. 18,999
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