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The best price of Mini Fridge in Pakistan is Rs. 23,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 27,833.


Smaller sized fridges that fit into smaller spaces. These mini fridges vary in size and their power consumption is affected by the size. There are versions that are designed to fit in a car and others that make great personal room fridges for one's water, snacks and other drinks. The price of a mini fridge depends on its size and the brand it is made by.


Mini Fridge

One can find a fridge in many sizes, including mini-sized ones for smaller spaces. There is no exact classification of the size a mini fridge has to be; it can be a USB powered mini fridge for a single can or the mini fridge one commonly finds in hotel rooms. The only difference between mini fridges and regular ones is their size. The other possible difference, based on specific models, is that mini fridges do not always have a freezer space at the top.

There are mini fridges designed for installation inside cars or larger ones that can be used inside one's room. The reason to have a mini fridge is the convenience of having some food and drinks kept cool inside the room, meaning one does not need to run to the kitchen each time they need something. This works well for snacks, juices and fizzy drinks.

Also, an advantage to store some medicines that need cooler environments.


Given their size most mini fridges are single door units. The power consumption is based on the size of the specific fridge you have in mind, the ones that are used in cars naturally consume a lot less than the size one sees in hotel rooms.

The price of a mini fridge depends on its size and the brand it is from. 

Price List

Model Price
Geepas Single Door Fridge & Mini Refrigerator Grey Rs. 23,500
Geepas Single Door Fridge & Mini Refrigerator - W… Rs. 24,500
Single Door - GNR-183 S.S Rs. 35,500
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