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The best price of Mini Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 42,550 and estimated average price is Rs. 74,349.


A PC with lower processing power and a small form factor, the mini PC is useful for offices or homes that need to use a computer for simpler, everyday tasks. These mini PCs are available from various brands and are supposed to be cheaper alternatives but in Pakistan, even these cost quite a bit.


A mini PC is similar to what a Chromebook is to laptops. It is a small-sized device that has a lower processing power and is made for basic tasks such as browsing, accessing web applications, processing documents and audio or video playback.

Mini PCs are also called nettops and consume way lesser electricity than conventional PCs. This means they do not need any fan as they barely heat up, which is why most are fanless.

The mini PC console comes with all the relevant ports so you can connect to the internet as well as all your needed peripherals. One can find mini PCs that run versions of Windows and others that have an OS based on Linux. Apple has its own version of a mini PC called the Mac Mini.


One commonly sees mini PCs at offices that need to process customers such as banks. This is also ideal as they take up way lesser space and there are also fewer cables all over the place.

Essentially this can work for anything that does not require large amounts of power such as gaming, video editing or graphics rendering.

Many different brands produce mini PCs such as HP, Asus, Zotac and Intel NUC.

The price of a mini PC is generally lesser than a full-fledged PC but in Pakistan, even a mini PC costs a fair sum of money. Especially since these are generally sold without the monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Price List

Model Price
Intel NUC Mini PC NUC8i7BEH Rs. 149,999
Intel NUC7CJYSAL NUC Mini PC With Intel Celeron P… Rs. 42,550
ASUS Mini PC PN60 (8th Gen. Core™ i5) Rs. 64,900
Intel NUC7i5BNH Mini PC NUC Kit Rs. 56,000
Dell OptiPlex 7040 Core i5 6th Generation Mini To… Rs. 58,999
Dell OptiPlex 3040 Core i5 6th Generation Mini To… Rs. 64,999
Intel NUC7i5BNH Mini PC NUC Kit Rs. 56,000
Asus PN61-BB7040MT Fanless Barebones Mini PC Rs. 65,000
Asus Pn62-bb3013md Ultracompact Mini PC 4GB 256GB… Rs. 64,999
Asus PN63-S1-B-S3021MD i3-1115G4 Ultracompact min… Rs. 74,999
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