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As phones get more powerful the smartphone accessory market has also exploded. With simple devices such as power banks to ultrasound devices that can be attached to take images of a baby developing inside the womb. The range is diverse from phone covers to cables and converters on to chargers and smartwatches; with endless other options depending on your needs. The price range varies depending on the accessory and brand making it.


Mobile accessories

A segment that has countless options, from upgrades that just make the user's phone look nicer to battery packs that keep the phone going longer. With so many users currently hooked to smartphones, the needs keep evolving and a smartphone can have only so much functionality and amenities from the brand making it. Apple produces the AirPods and Samsung produces their headphones, in tie with AKG who they own through another subsidiary, and their wireless charger. 

With the brands producing accessories themselves to third party producers, the makers of accessories are many. Accessories include portable power banks to allow a user to have charging abilities on the go. Solar technology has also been combined with power banks to enable users to charge their phone during longer outdoor trips. Photovoltaic cells used to charge these solar power banks are slow, but a great mobile accessory for emergencies or extended outdoor periods. In case one is in the car often there is a car charger that uses power from the electric-lighter socket to charge one's phone or other devices. For the car, there is also an FM/AM transmitter that lets the user connect via Bluetooth to a car audio system that doesn't have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

Screen protectors to keep the phone more safe, despite a lot having Gorilla Glass. Phones have cover available for different models of phones, designed for aesthetic or extremely durable ones that have a military-style rubber bumper. With a range of ring holders, that attach to the back of the smartphone and allow the user to use the phone with one hand with more ease. The larger phones can be tough to hang on to with one hand while typing. Smartphones could also have small charms attached that one can buy as well.

The photography section has options for selfie sticks and mobile lenses that expand the phones shooting abilities. As smartphones only have a small LED for the flash there are options to find ring-lights or external flashes that work in sync with one's camera app. Mini tripods for smartphones are also available in case it needs to be held in a specific position.

Various phone holders are also in the market, some are designed for a table while others are useful for the car. In the car the function helps with safety, users don't need to hold the phone while following the maps or answering a call. Major headphone brands have all produced handsfree devices so one isn't holding the phone. Handsfree devices also have Bluetooth based versions, making them wireless.

If one is prone to losing their smartphone around the house, there is a dongle that one can keep on a keychain that makes your phone beep when you are looking for it. This device uses Bluetooth, so that has to be enabled and connected. The same small remote can be used for taking pictures from a distance, making it a useful mobile accessory.

The other side of this is all the basic functional stuff such as different cables and SD cards. The connectors and adapters have another whole set of options, for instance, a connector for a USB to be attached to USB OTG ready smartphones. Or a connector that converts a MicroUSB to a Type-C USB.

Currently the most hi-tech mobile accessory range is the one with wearable tech such as smartwatches or the smart bands. These are great for people who need stats on their health as they come loaded with sensors to monitor the physical aspects of the wearer. Also, these help if you want to see who is calling or messaging without taking your phone out. Most smartwatches work in combination with smartphones, very few have the ability to fully function as a stand-alone. The watches have app stores built into them so one can download different apps they require. The smartwatches doing well are from Apple, Samsung, Fossil, Huawei and Fitbit.

The gaming arena has also expanded with handheld controllers that attach onto the smartphone allowing a user to have more hardware buttons similar to a PlayStation control. This helps to play games more efficiently. VR headsets have also become common, with some brands creating their own versions like Samsung. The Samsung VR headset uses the phone itself, it gets inserted into a slot and the headset holds it close to the user's eyes.

There are a host of odd mobile accessories such as a handheld ultrasound that connects to a smartphone. A smartphone case that has a built-in pepper spray or cases that have tool-kits similar to the Swiss Army Knife. Professional audio recording brands have also made recorders that connect to a smartphone and give top-end field recording, a known brand is ZOOM with the ZOOM iQ7 and iQ6. With smart devices, there is even more functionality that connects to one's smartphone. Locks, lights, music systems and any other device that can connect to the WiFi can be controlled via one's smartphone.

Some of the top producers of mobile accessories include Samsung, Apple, Anker, Xiaomi, RiverSong, Baseus, Mophie and more. The prices with all these devices varies depending on what one is purchasing and the brand that has produced it.

Price List

Model Price
Baseus Battery Disassembly Tool Kit for Mobile Ph… Rs. 249
Universal Flexible Mobile Stand Black Rs. 350
Pop Socket For Mobile Rs. 149
Iphone 20w Pd Fast Charger & Cable Rs. 1,999
Baseus Cafule Series Metal Data Cable 100W Type-C… Rs. 2,599
I phone Data Cable - Charging Cable - lightning c… Rs. 600
Huawei Fast Wall Charger 5v-3a Dual Type-c 18w Rs. 799
Network Cable Network Lan Cable Ethernet Fast Pat… Rs. 850
Adata P20000D 20000mAh-DGT-5V Power Bank Rs. 3,450
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