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The best price of Mobile Charger in Pakistan is Rs. 349 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,106.


A device that is built to charge mobile phones. Mobile chargers are available in a few different formats, which you choose is a matter of your personal requirements. The prices vary, most have the option for cheap versions and also the more expensive ones from known brands.


Mobile charger

Any device designed to charge one's mobile phone. With the number of phones that are present in our lives, mobile chargers are always in need. Mobile chargers are available in a few different forms.

Types of mobile chargers

The most basic charger is the wall charger. Most phones come with one of these. A small plug that has an insert for a USB cable, the other end of which is inserted into the phone.

Multiport chargers allow you to connect more than one phone. It can charge multiple phones, depending on what amount of USB slots the brand decided to build into one.

Car chargers are convenient for when one is travelling. These fit into the electric lighter slot in the car. Generally, car chargers charge phones comparatively slower than other forms of chargers.

Wireless chargers are based on electromagnetic induction. Providing power without a wire, a smartphone or other smaller devices can be placed on a pad for charging. Devices that are able to charge by this method need to be Qi-certified/ready. Qi refers to the wireless charging standards in the industry.


Keep in mind that the quality of your charging cable also makes a difference. Different kinds of chargers are available at varied prices. Even within the same type of chargers, the prices vary depending on the brand that has produced it. Known third-party developers of mobile chargers include Anker, Baseus and Aukey.

Price List

Model Price
Adaptive Fast Wall Charger - Qualcomm Fast Charge… Rs. 470
Joyroom Car Charger With Fm JR-CL02 Rs. 2,249
Anker PowerPort 2 Lite - White Rs. 2,899
Anker Power Port 2 Lite Dual Port Charger Rs. 2,859
Adaptive Fast Wall Charger - Qualcomm QC 3.0 Fast… Rs. 1,990
Black – Xiaomi CC06ZM Car Charger Fast Charge Ver… Rs. 2,299
Moshi - USB-C to USB-C to USB-A Charge/Sync Cable… Rs. 3,500
UNIQ VOTRE SLIM DUO USB C + USB A 20W Wall Charge… Rs. 3,999
IMAX B6 80W LIPO Battery Balance Charger Rs. 3,500
Aukey 3-Port Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 (C… Rs. 3,500
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