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A device designed to stabilize one's videos shot from their smartphone. A gimbal is a simple device that greatly improves one's video shooting abilities.  Your smartphone fits into it similar to a selfie-stick. Available at varied price pints depending gon the brand, size and specific features.


What is a gimbal

A device with a pivoted support that allows an object to rotate about a single axis. Essentially it keeps things stable while the larger parts move; in ships the cup holders have a gimbal so it stays straight up while the ship pitches and rolls in the sea. This same effect is used for smartphone cameras, allowing the camera to track an object while the shooting angles change. It takes a 3 axis stabilization unit to achieve the basic level needed for improved video. A gimbal makes it seem like the camera is floating through the air while it tracks a subject.

Mobile gimbal

Today the basic device has been improved upon with brushless motors and inertial measurement units (IMU). This IMU allows a gimbal to process the information using a guidance algorithm. It can tell the difference between deliberate movement and the unwanted shakes. The unwanted parts are dealt with by adjustments to the motors.

There are many gimbals on the market, with various features and also different build qualities. Some use the smartphone as the camera while others have a built-in camera that can connect to your smartphone. The built-in camera specs can vary, so it is important to check which one a person is buying. Gimbals can be used with almost all smartphones. Bluetooth and WiFi are a common feature to connect to the smartphone, after which one can use the buttons on the gimbal to control their shooting. Some mobile gimbals also have a microSD card slot for their footage and images, this is more common when the gimbal has its own camera too

Gimbals are available for many different prices depending on the features and brand. One of the most known brands in this segment is DJI.

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