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The best price of Mobile Holder in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,140.


A device designed to keep mobiles held in place. There are versions for cars that are the most used, while other versions are used on desks or side tables. There are a lot of designs as many brands produce mobile holders. The price of a mobile holder can be from the lower to mid range, depending on the specific type and brand.


Mobile Holder

As mobiles are a large part of our lives and carried with us everywhere at times one needs a mobile holder for convenience. There are a lot of different holders one can find; these are mostly designed to be use specific making them efficient.

Types of mobile holders

Mobile holders are made by a large number of known and unknown brands. This means there are also a lot of designs one can choose from. The designs are based on the area of use.

Most mobile holders are used in cars as that is where one has their hands occupied and also cars do not have a proper space to keep one's mobile. If one keeps their smartphone in one of the many slots, the display is generally not visible. Some spaces are too large or not designed for a mobile meaning it can easily drop out or just be slipping around.

Car mobile holders have versions that clip onto air vents, the steering, use a suction cup to stick to the window or even be attached to the cigarette lighter port. These are designed so one can position the mobile in a way that the display is easily visible in case one is using maps for direction or has a video call going on.

Aside from this, there are mobile holders that are made with a bendable crane-like stem so again one can adjust how their mobile rests. Simpler versions of a mobile holder are just literally an item that can prop-up your moile on any surface, like a desk or side table.

Due to the increase in usage of apps such as Instagram and TikTok, one can also find mobile holders that are made similarly to tripods and have lights too. This makes it a lot easier to record without having one's hands occupied. As wireless charging becomes common, many models also have this feature built-in, making them a useful device aside from just holding your mobile in place.


The methods by which a holder keeps the mobile help up varies. The three main types being either a magnet, a sticky pad, malleable arms or spring-loaded clasps.

Generally, a mobile holder is designed to be able to hold almost any model of a smartphone. 

Prices of mobile holders vary based on their type and also the brand that produced them. For instance, a simple rubberized one may be a lot cheaper than a mobile holder which has wireless charging. Given the variety, the prices can range from the lower end to the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Magnetic Quick Attach Car Mobile Holder Rs. 169
ALOGY LARGE Gorilla Pod Flexible Tripod Stand Min… Rs. 499
Mobile Holder Wall Mounted Remote Holder Brush Ho… Rs. 99
WK Remax Mobile Car Holder S05 Rs. 870
Maximus Honda Magnet Mobile Holder | Phone Holder… Rs. 1,265
Car Air Vent Emoticon Style Magnet Mobile Holder Rs. 1,000
CAR MOBILE PHONE HOLDER in Pakistan Rs. 1,299
All Purpose Nano Sticker Sticky Gel Pad Mobile Ho… Rs. 1,017
Mini Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder Car Dashboard B… Rs. 605
Long Stick Car Mobile Holder Complete Black Rs. 1,000
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