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The best price of Moltyfoam in Pakistan is Rs. 985 and estimated average price is Rs. 31,101.


One of the most known mattress brands in Pakistan. MoltyFoam has been around for decades and has maintained its reputation since. Making quality products, with a mixed range of options. They have simple foam mattresses and a few other types such as memory foam mattresses. The price range is from the mid-range, with some mattresses being more expensive depending on the specific mattress type.



Master MoltyFoam

MoltyFoam is the original product from the Master Group of Industries. They have been making MoltyFoam mattresses since 1963. This product was developed in collaboration with Bayer, the world-famous brand from Germany that is more often known for its pharmaceutical work.

The MoltyFoam range

MoltyFoam is one of the top-selling mattress brands in Pakistan. Their initial range was limited to sizes and various hardness of the foam, today they have more specialised mattresses as well. Among the new variety, they have orthopaedic mattresses under the MoltyOrtho label. These mattresses are approved by the American Orthopaedic Association, the only brand to have that accreditation in Pakistan.

The MoltyOrtho range has a few options, including memory foam that can take the shape of the body to help evenly distribute one's body weight while they sleep. Another is the kind that has cool gel beads in it, these are designed for the warm climate here. The gel beads help dissipate heat over the night, keeping the person sleeping comfortable. The beads also feel like they are massaging one.

MoltyFoam is the first brand to introduce an inclined mattress. It is known as MoltyCure. A mattress that is for people who have acid reflux, sleep apnea or heart problems. The incline makes stomach acids stay lower withing the digestive tract thus reducing heartburn. The elevation angle also helps people with sleep apnea by keeping the neck muscles in a good position, maintaining more open pathways to breathe. Heart problems are helped by MoltyCure as the angle of elevation means there is lesser fluid build up around the lungs, so they don't put pressure on the heart. Again the head is in such a position that it puts lesser pressure on the lungs to begin with.


MoltyFoam lets users try their mattress for 14 days to see if they find it comfortable. The fabric MoltyFoam uses to cover their mattresses is treated with an antimicrobial; this limits dirt, prevents dust mites and fungal growth. The sizes vary, one can find a size that fits their bed. The price range of MoltyFoam varies depending on which mattress one chooses, the simple ones are naturally cheaper than the MoltyOrtho line. The prices are generally mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
MoltyFoam Firm Mattress Rs. 28,025
MoltyFoam Firm Mattress Rs. 26,600
MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress Rs. 20,600
MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress Rs. 40,500
Molty Foam Mattress Cool Gel Technology 7 Zone Rs. 61,800
Master MoltyFoam Mattress Rs. 29,400
MoltyFoam 2 in 1 Mattress Rs. 48,200
Master MoltyFoam Mattress Rs. 37,800
MoltyFoam Firm Mattress Rs. 17,400
MoltyPlus Single Sofa Seat Rs. 1,650
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