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The best price of Monark in Pakistan is Rs. 750 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,933.


Monark Clothing is a Pakistani brand for men's wear. Their focus is on the formal and semi-formal style of clothing, making them a great brand for people who need office wear. There is a segment of clothes that are made in Turkey, which are available for a more premium price. Generally, the prices at Monark Clothing are in the mid ranges. The brand also stocks a host of accessories so customers can personalise their style.


Monark Clothing

A local brand that is focused on formal and smart casual wear for men. Having been in the business for over 2 decades, they have earned a name for themselves by providing quality clothes. The variety at Monark Clothing is full, with all the items needed to stock one's wardrobe. Not just clothes but accessories to go along with them.

The Monark Clothing collection

With multiple sections that have clothes catering to men including formal wear, with a portion of items made in Turkey. This segment has suits, blazers, pants, waistcoats and shirts available in it. There are many different options for colours and designs on the fabric. Mostly consisting of checkered patterns.

The casuals section has a wider variety as far as the types of clothes go. These include jeans, shirts, chinos, jackets, sweaters and sneakers. The designs with casual wear have more of a mix. The cuts are slim and are geared to fit well. Within the different kinds of clothes they have created many options, so for instance sweaters have polo-necks as well as v-necks. The casual jackets include some more sporty jackets that are made from parachute material as well as faux-leather jackets. Since bomber jackets have become a big trend they also stock variants of those.

Accessories are important to accentuate one's style so Monark Clothing makes sure there are plenty of options. The accessories help one customise their look, a very crucial factor for the definition of personal style. With this segment, there is a large list of options that includes caps, sunglasses, cufflinks, pins, bracelets, suspenders, belts, scarves, wallets, ties, socks and pocket squares.

The prices of Monark Clothing are in the mid-range, making them slightly more accessible for more people. The quality available within the price range is good, with some care these clothes could last a while, making the wearer look stylish along the way.

Price List

Model Price
Dupatta for girls or women MONARK fabric Rs. 1,200
Dupatta for girls or women MONARK fabric Rs. 1,200
Monark Black MSS6 Rs. 2,390
Monark Neal White MSS9 Rs. 2,390
Double Border Monark Dupatta DBMD1 Rs. 750
Monark White MSS1 Rs. 2,390
Monark Slate MSS5 Rs. 2,390
Monark London Hue MSS10 Rs. 2,390
Monark Beige MSS7 Rs. 2,390
Double Border Monark Dupatta DBMD2 Rs. 750
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