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The best price of Monitors in Pakistan is Rs. 11,270 and estimated average price is Rs. 70,745.


Monitors are used as the visual interface for a computer. There are a lot of different sizes and brands one can choose from. The basic monitor technologies are either LED or LCD, the former is generally prefered for its clarity as well as lower consumption of electricity. A monitor may be needed as your primary viewing source or as a secondary one to expand on your digital workspace. The price of a monitor mostly depends on its size and then brand. Monitors are available from the mid to higher range.



A display that is used alongside a desktop PC or as a means to add another larger screen with a laptop. The main options are based on LCD or LED technology, the latter of which is a lot better. LED monitors have a more crisp display and lesser glare as well. A lot of gamers make use of more high-end monitors with UHD and curved displays so they can have a better gaming experience. People who do editing make use of multiple screens at times, letting them have two different softwares running or one software spread out. This makes for a better workflow as there is just more space to work on.

Possible monitor features

The technologies keep getting better each year, this makes the clarity better. In comparison to LCD monitors the LED monitors consume lesser electricity as well which makes them a better option to conserve energy.

HDR10 level graphics are becoming a common option with monitors with the higher end ones at UHD. The refresh rates are also at a higher level which makes the flow of visuals smoother. Some monitors even have speakers built into them, though these won't be great with the audio but are definitely ample in case these are the only options one has. These are also better if one wants lesser clutter on their desk, separate speakers would take up more space.

Monitors come with multiple porting options this lets one use them with various outs and ins. The porting options can include DVI, VGA, RS-232, Mini DisplayPorts, HDMI and DisplayPort along with different versions of USB. Which mix of specific ports you get on a monitor is a matter of what monitor you choose.

If one wants to get a touchscreen monitor, that is also possible. For some kinds of work, this adds more functionality.

Size variations

There are a lot of sizes one can buy monitors in, starting at 15 inches or less even and all the way up to 49 inches. Throw in the curve feature and at a large size, one feels like they are immersed into their digital environment. If you have heavy work to do a larger screen can be very useful as it has more space for your files and icons. Softwares are also more expansive and of course, watching movies on it is a better experience.


Brands that are leading in the monitor market include Dell, LG, AOC, BenQ, Samsung, NEC, Acer and HP. The price of a monitor depends on the specific type you choose; prices can range anywhere from the mid to the top end. The larger the display the higher the price.

Price List

Model Price
Digital Monitor LCD Single Apartment 5'' Video Do… Rs. 15,000
7" Color Mini Monitor and Also Attach With Laptop Rs. 14,300
REDRAGON RUBY 165Hz LED 23.8" Gaming Monitor VA P… Rs. 56,999
Gigabyte 34" - G34WQC Curved Gaming Monitor Rs. 129,500
ASUS MG28UQ Gaming Monitor Rs. 84,180
LG 24'' Class UltraGear FHD Gaming Monitor (24GL6… Rs. 65,449
Dell E1920H - 19" Monitor LED : 3y Rs. 34,900
LG 32GK650F-B 32" Gaming Monitor Rs. 84,500
Viewsonic PA503S Lumens SVGA Business Projector Rs. 104,500
MSI Optix AG321CQR - 31.5" Curved Gaming Monitor Rs. 126,500
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