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The best price of Montblanc Watches in Pakistan is Rs. 18,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 21,700.


Watches from Montblanc are high-end instruments that are Swiss made. The quality is top-notch. The brand also has a smartwatch line for the modern user. Montblanc watches are available for expensive rates


Montblanc Inernational

A German luxury goods brand that was founded in 1906. Montblanc is known mainly for their writing instruments, which are some of the best available anywhere in the world. Over the years the brand has expanded onto other products such as watches, jewellery, leather goods and more.

The 'Meisterstück' line is their flagship line of pens.

The logo is a representation, from an aerial perspective, of the snowcapped Mont Blanc; the second highest peak in Europe. For a while the brand was owned by Alfred Dunhill Ltd., but today it is owned by the luxury brand conglomerate, Richemont.

Montblanc watches

Just like all their other products, Montblanc watches are premium products. The watches are Swiss made and the classic level of Swiss quality is visible in the finish. There are a dozen options, mostly all are circular styles with leather straps. Certain models do feature fabric or chainlink straps. The colour profile is classy, whatever shade is chosen it is carefully tuned to be just the right colour so it is far from anything that could be 'tacky'. This may seem unimportant, but getting a teal right for a high-end product takes some real understanding of colour.

Montblanc also features a smartwatch series, under the Summit 2 label. These have modern features mixed in with the classic look, just going by appearance it would look like a regular watch but has a touch screen. The watch faces are consistent with the classic look too. These have all the regular features of smartwatches, geared for the modern age of wearables.


Montblanc watches are expensive items to purchase. Their high level of production, material quality and the brand they belong to all come together for the high price.

Price List

Model Price
Mont Blanc Explorer Ultra Blue Men 3S Set Rs. 18,500
Mont Blanc Explorer Ultra Blue Gift Set Rs. 24,900
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