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The best price of Mophie in Pakistan is Rs. 1,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,099.


A tech brand based out of USA, Mophie is owned by ZAGG that is a global leader in mobile accessories and audio solutions. It sells audio and mobile accessories like protective cases, battery packs, chargers, power banks etc. The brand is mainly known for distributing the famous line of mobile battery cases called the JuicePack.


Product Line

Mophie is considered amongst the top-selling brands of battery cases and external battery solutions. Its products are safe and compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and devices. 

1. Wireless Chargers

If you are looking for wireless chargers, don't look any further. Mophie offers great wireless charging solutions that are compatible with Apple and Android devices. The brand has a wide range of portable batteries and wireless charging docks that can be used to charge your wireless charging enabled devices. The process is safe and fast charging and convenient for use at homes or offices. 

2. Power Banks

Mophie power banks are widely used around the world for their high-quality performance. These portable chargers are designed to give you ample battery backup while you are on the move. The size varies from small pocket-sized power banks to large high powered and bigger capacity devices. You can use them to charge your tablets, smartphones and other smart devices. The power banks allow for fast charging your devices and are readily available for a strong surge of power whenever you need one. 

3. Battery Cases

For people who prefer slimmer more compact power solutions, Mophie has just the right answer. Its slim and compact battery cases can easily slide in your pocket or purse without taking up much space. The battery cases help you stay powered and maintain a full charger whenever the need be. If you prefer being equipped with extra juice, then the power bank would be a better and wiser purchase.

4. Multi-Device Wireless Chargers

With the wireless chargers, you can connect up to four devices at the same time, eliminating the need for having multiple chargers. The charging process is fast and solid and the wireless chargers are beautifully designed to be sleek and lightweight.

5. UV Sanitizer With Wireless Charging

An innovative technology, Mophie offers an advanced cleaning solution that helps get rid of germs and bacteria off your phone. This is done through wireless charging and the brand claims that a five-minute sanitization process can destroy up to 99.9% of Staph and E.Coli bacteria through the UV sanitizer. 

About ZAGG

ZAGG is a tech accessory brand that caters to a wide clientele. It owns multiple brands including InvisibleShield, Mophie, ZAGG, IFROGZ, Gear4 and HALO.

Price List

Model Price
Mophie Powerstation Powerbank 6000Mah original Rs. 1,899
Mophie Powerstation Powerbank 6000Mah original Rs. 1,899
mophie Powerstation XL Made for Smartphones, Tabl… Rs. 16,299
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