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The best price of Mortein Liquid in Pakistan is Rs. 451 and estimated average price is Rs. 668.


Historically Mortein used chrysanthemum flowers to make a potent pyrethrum extract that originally was turned into an insecticidal powder and by 1928 released a liquid version that used kerosene as a base ingredient.


Components & Funtionality 

The iconic hand pump system to kill bugs comes from this design now called a flit gun. The Mortein liquid range includes the LED Refill that has one replaceable bottle included with the electric device. This is an instant vapourised repellent that uses airflow as a way to protect the room from mosquitos.


Mortein liquid is a household insecticide that ensures the entire family can safely enjoy the summers in Pakistan. The dangerous mosquito-borne diseases have caused thousands of deaths during the dengue-endemic. The best way to remove any unwanted insects from the home is to directly spray them with Mortein. The dengue causing mosquitoes are dangerous to children and adults causing life-threatening illnesses. As soon as it is plugged into the electric socket it will ensure that all mosquitoes are immediately eliminated. The protection will last all night as long as the device is on.

There are refill bottles available in the market that can easily be replaced saving money.  The Good Knight Express is a slightly different iteration of the vaporizer and has its own line of refillable bottles. There is a high to low setting to control the amount of repellent released into the room.

It offers up to 60 nights of coverage. There is a LED indicator on the updated version of the Refill Fragrant that helps ensure the device is turned on.

Effective & Affordable

Getting the house professionally disinfected by calling expensive pest control teams can be laborious and time-consuming. For immediate relief from insects, Mortein is a great tool to have in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

There are many different kinds of sprays that Mortein offers in 375ml and 600ml bottles. These are clearly labelled with what insect they can kill immediately but most of the sprays are multi-purpose. The Crawling Insect Killer Spray that is in a black bottle will be able to remove cockroach infestation for up to 3 months.


It can also kill other crawling insects including spiders. Mortein Peaceful Nights is a Mosquito Killer that is also effective for all other flying insects. The red bottles titled Mortein Insta and Insta are available in 600 ml quantity that will cover all flying and crawling insects. Mortein has deals for bundle packs to help save money that include Mortein Insect Killer free with the purchase of 2 Insect Killer bottles.


It is important to keep these sprays out of the reach of kids and should not be consumed as they are toxic. They are highly inflammable and must be kept away from fire or electricity.

Price List

Model Price
Mortein Fragrant Liquid Refill 60 Nights Promo Pa… Rs. 765
Mortein Liquid Mosquito Repellant Machine With Re… Rs. 500
Mortein Liquid Refill Fragrant 120 Nights Rs. 819
Mortein Liquid Refill Odourless 120 Nights Rs. 819
Mortein Odourless Liquid Refill 60 Nights Rs. 451
Mortein Plug In Liquid 28ml Rs. 578
Mortein Odourless Liquid Refill, 3 Pieces, Jumbo … Rs. 1,125
Mortein Fragrant Liquid Refill, Single Pack Rs. 475
Mortein Fragrant Liquid Refill 60 Nights Rs. 451
Mortein Fragrant Liquid Refills, 3 Pieces, Jumbo … Rs. 1,125
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