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The best price of Mosquito Killer Racket in Pakistan is Rs. 1,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,319.


Mosquitoes and blood-sucking arthropods cause vector-borne diseases like Dengue Fever, Lyme, Malaria etc. that are common in developing countries like Pakistan. With these dangerous diseases on the rise, preventing mosquitoes and other insects from entering your space is a must. Bug zappers such as mosquito killer rackets can be installed easily in homes and offices and are a convenient way of dealing with these blood-feeding skeeters. Just make sure to keep these rackets away from children and pets. Shopsy enlists some of the best mosquito killer rackets available online at various prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use

  • Kills a mosquito in flight

  • No need to use toxic chemicals


  • Can ignite flammable fumes

  • The charged surface can give you an electric shock

  • A strong whack against a hard surface can crack them


Mosquito nets and mosquito killing lamps can be installed within your space to prevent all sorts of bugs and insects from infiltrating while you are asleep. Smaller than a tennis racket, a mosquito killer racket works as a perfect solution for killing mosquitoes while you are awake and can actively defend yourself.


Mosquito killer racket has a charged metal mesh that's powered by a couple of batteries set in the handle. The mesh gets activated on the press of a button and zaps the bug as soon it touches the mesh. The best thing about these devices is that you don't need chemicals to lure mosquitoes. These rackets aren't even dependant on electricity and are battery-powered. Typically they have efficient batteries but can easily be replaced whenever needed.

Some single-layered racket designs are easy to clean but not as efficient as the multi-layered ones that don't let the bugs escape. Other great designs include a flashlight that makes it extremely convenient at night time when you don't want to turn on the lights to kill mosquitoes.

Pro Tips for Using Mosquito Killer Racket

Wherever you are sitting, always keep the racket with you to instantly kill a mosquito as it arrives. A racket is not like a mosquito-killing lamp that lures the bugs in the cage. With the racket, you have to be proactive in looking for mosquitoes yourself and zap them. After a few zaps, the other mosquitoes around you will sense the danger and won't come near. So you will have to get on your feet, give the racket a good swing and go at the bugs yourself rather than waiting for them to fall into the vortex of death. Also, don't just swing around the racket randomly. Only use it if there is a mosquito in sight, so the rest of the arthropod army doesn't notice the racket and hide under the furniture. 

Mosquito Control Measures

Close the windows and doors after dark as that's the time when mosquitoes mostly enter your space. Always wear light coloured clothing during summers as mosquitoes are attracted to darker colours. Wear mosquito repellant lotions and install pretreated mosquito nets around your beds and throughout the house in places like windows, wall vents, balcony doors, kids' play area etc.

Use mosquito repellant sprays and install a mosquito killer lamp to effectively get rid of these diseases causing insects. Destroy any aquatic vegetation around the house and add larvicides to still water such as backyard ponds or puddles etc.

Price List

Model Price
2 in 1 Electric Mosquito Racket Insect Killer Por… Rs. 1,500
Rechargeable Racket Shape Mosquito Killer Rs. 2,000
Electric Mosquito Fly Bugs Racket Insects Control… Rs. 2,500
Mosquito Lamp |Mosquito Killer Lamp |Mosquito Kil… Rs. 2,599
Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket Rs. 3,000
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