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The best price of Mosquito Net in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,893.


With the deadly Dengue fever on the rise in Pakistan, preventing mosquitos from entering your space has become a necessity. A mosquito net functions as a meshed curtain or barrier against mosquitoes, flies and other bugs that suck human blood, interfere with your sleep and cause illnesses. They are typically used as a tent-like covering over beds or kids' cots to prevent insect bites and stings. Nets are also used in a variety of outdoor settings. Here at Shopsy, you will find a wide array of mosquito nets sold online at various prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation

  • Perfect barrier against mosquito-borne diseases & insect bites

  • Insecticide-treated nets have a high mosquito prevention rate


  • Can get damaged easily

  • Proper ventilation is an issue

  • Not easy to repair once damaged

  • Might cause suffocation if not the right material

  • Sleeping under a net can get hotter if there isn't an air conditioner


In developing countries like Pakistan where Malaria, Dengue and other insect-borne illnesses are common, mosquito nets become a necessary part of life. To keep these blood-sucking insects out of your space, mosquito killing lamps are a great option but they need electricity to run which is another problem in our country. Though insect-repelling lotions and mosquito killing sprays function well to deter insects to some extent, they are not the perfect solution since they wear out soon.

During hot summer nights when mosquitoes are the most active, one can't sleep peacefully and to make matters worse if the power goes out, your night will turn into a nightmare. Mosquito nets are a closely woven meshed curtain that can protect you and your loved against insect bites especially mosquito stings, keeping you safe and peaceful throughout the night. 

Types of Mosquito Net

No matter what type of mosquito net you go for, just make sure to get the one with the finest mesh that would prevent the insects without constricting ventilation or visibility. To increase the net's effectiveness, pretreat it with insecticide or insect repellant like permethrin or deltamethrin which are considered safe for humans.

Check for the long-lasting insecticide-treated nets so you won't have to treat them every so often. The pretreated net kills the mosquito on the spot as soon as it comes in contact with the netting. If you cant find a pretreated net, you can do it yourself by immersing your bed net in a permethrin solution.

Mesh Size & Material

To exclude only mosquitoes, opt for a mesh size of 1.2 millimetres and to keep other biting insects at bay like midges etc go for a smaller 0.6 millimetres netting. Nets with 285 holes per square inch will exclude even the smallest mosquitoes. Mosquito nets are typically made out of polyethene, cotton, polyester, nylon or polypropylene.

While all materials have their advantages and disadvantages, the best out of these all is polyester which is a widely available, strong and budget-friendly material that can easily be impregnated with permethrin. Nylon is used to construct mosquito domes for strength purposes in outdoor settings. Other than polyester, the net can be made out of stiff cotton or synthetic thread for more movement of air. 

Shape & Net Size

These nets come in various shapes and designs ranging from canopy style, wedge-shaped, cone to rectangular box-style nets. Though the shape depends on your preference or the area you are trying to cover, the best option for a bed would be rectangular style netting. The rectangular shape reduces your chances of touching the sides of the net while sleeping.

The cone-shaped bed net is likely to make you touch the sides, hence making you an easy target for the mosquitoes to bite you through the netting. Always review the size before buying the net so that it is big enough to be tucked under the mattress, leaving no room for the mosquitoes to enter. Often people end up buying nets that are too small to be tucked from all sides, leaving unnoticed crevices that are an easy entry point for the insects.

Price List

Model Price
"Boat" Baby Carry Cot / Carry Crib with Mosquito … Rs. 2,590
"Boat" Baby Carry Cot / Carry Crib with Mosquito … Rs. 2,590
Baby Carry Cot / Carry Crib with Mosquito Net Rs. 2,590
Baby Carry Cot / Carry Crib with Mosquito Net Rs. 2,590
Mosquito Net Bed Canopy To Big Size Rs. 1,999
Baby Swing Cot & Cradle With Stand Support & Mosq… Rs. 2,650
Baby World Carry Cot 3 in1 steps With Stand 7 Mo… Rs. 2,999
Mosquito Net Bed Frame Foldable Tent Travel Canop… Rs. 3,800
Jack & Jill Baby Sleeping bag with Mosquito net, … Rs. 1,650
Baby Cradle Cover with Mosquito Net In Multicolor Rs. 420
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