Mother Care Baby Wipes Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Mother Care Baby Wipes in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 145.


Mother Care is among the most well-known brands for products related to infants. The brand also has baby wipes designed for the soft and sensitive skin of a baby. They are also loaded with helpful things such as aloe vera and vitamin E. The price of Mother Care baby wipes is generally affordable.


A top brand for baby products, Mother Care has a lot of things pertaining to babies. This includes baby wipes, an essential o keep your baby clean.

Mother Care baby wipes are designed to be soft and gentle, so they do not cause the baby's sensitive skin any kind of damage. These wipes can be used in the diaper area and also on the rest of the body, including the face. A quick and convenient way to keep your toddler clean.

To make the baby wipes even more attuned for soft skin, Mother Care adds aloe vera and vitamin E to the wipes, both these ingredients are good for skin health and recovery. They also have allantoin, an ingredient that encourages dead cells to shed faster. Sodium citrate is used as a preservative and isn't known to cause any kind of side effects.

Extracts from the chamomille flower known as Matricaria Recutita is also added, another ingredient that is good for skin recovery. The Mother Care baby wipes do have some perfume, but there is no alcohol as it can be abrasive for skin when used regularly.

The packet is designed with a lid, this can be closed and keeps the moisture locked inside so your wipes do not dry out. This package also makes it easy to carry them with you in a bag.


Mother Care baby wipes are only for external use. These wipes are available for affordable prices so one can keep their baby clean with more ease.

Price List

Model Price
Mothercare Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera - 20Pcs Rs. 80
Mothercare Baby Wipes Purse Pack Pink 25 Pcs Rs. 90
Mothercare Disinfectant Wipes 40Pcs Rs. 200
Mothercare Baby Wipes Pink Purse Pack Small 25Pcs Rs. 90
Mothercare Disinfectant Wipes 40Pcs Rs. 200
Mothercare Baby Wipes Lid Purple 70 Pcs Rs. 215
Mothercare Baby Wipes LID - Purple Rs. 215
Mothercare Go-rash Wipes 10pcs Rs. 100
Mothercare Disinfectant Wipes 40Pcs Rs. 200
Mothercare Disinfectant Wipes 10Pcs Rs. 100
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