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Mothercare is a reliable and dedicated chain of stores delivering kids clothing, bedding, nursery building essential, pushchairs, car seats to parents worldwide. They want to make feeding, bathtime and playtime as convenient and hasslefree for parents and children. Saving them from unnecessary exhaustion they are constantly updating their designs and incorporating the latest technologies to help develop cognition of infants.



Mothercare is a household name in every home worldwide, they have been offering early childcare solutions to parents for decades. They had created the signature English smocking frock for a baby to preteen girls since the 80s. They now update their clothing collections seasonally and according to what is trendy and in demand globally. 


They start making clothes from infants romper, sleeping suits and blanket sets. Their popular and affordable clothing line Mix & Match allows parents to choose separate bottoms and tops for girls and boys creating their own unique set of clothes. Mothercare collaborates with high street fashion brands like POLO and Juicy Couture to create fun and fashionable collections for 0 to 8 year olds. Another essential clothing line they offer is the Merternaity Wear collection that has a super comfortable, stretchy and natural material. This line includes maternity bras, loungewear, activewear, sleepwear and even swimwear.   

Mother & Baby Care

They sell essential breastfeeding appliances and equipment such as feeder bottles, containers, soft utensils and sterilisers that make preparation and nourishment of babies smooth and convenient for new mother. The range of breastfeeding pillows, breast pumps ensures mothers are comfortable taking care of their baby without suffering any discomfort or pain.  

Philips Avent is the company that creates the Sterilisers available at mother care they are both in Microwavable Steam Sterilers Bags and container models and the reliable 2 in 1 electric steam sterilisers.  


Their development toys targeting toddlers to help them better balance and build core muscles through playtime. They also offer a wide selection of toys categorised according to the age of the child, along with essential parenting, pregnancy literature for mothers and fathers. There are a variety of thematic and fun playmats and gyms, swings, bouncers and walkers to help engage toddlers for hours. 

Infant & Baby Line

For new mothers looking to purchase feeding and sleeping care products, they have created four categories: newborns from 0 - 3 months and infants 3 - 18 months that would need swaddling blankets that are easy to clean and soft to touch. The Muslin blankets essential for newborns are the first point of contact for a baby and surround them for months when they start getting used to their surroundings. They are an essential item as they help the baby sleep better and allow easy breastfeeding access for mothers.

Baby Bags

Mothers need a large organised baby bag that can hold all their essential items such as formula, nappies, change of clothes and food containers, toiletries and bibs. Baby bags can be bulky and ugly this is why Mothercare has both a budget-friendly line and high fashion versions of baby bags to cater to fashion-forward mothers and fathers. 

Nursery Essentials 

The baby nursery will need bedding, a Moses baskets, crib, furniture and a baby monitor all available at Mothercare. 

Bedding and linin range will have The Cotton Rich collection that has all white, grey and cream coloured sheets for 0-18-36 months. Mothercare also does themed nursery sets that are designed to provide a wholesome atmosphere with recognisable illustrations of characters and toys. They have themes like Peter Rabbit, Teddy Bear and Hello Friend, Confetti Party and Sleepysaurus that have a neutral calm, colour palette. 

Room Thermometers, Night Lights, Baby Monitor available under Angelcare series help create the perfect environment for a baby nursery. These soothing devices may look like toys but they are highly sensitive to the baby's needs. The sound and warm lights they emit are effective in putting the baby back to sleep during the middle of the night. 

Baby Development 

Soothers are an important part of a baby's first few months. Mother care has highly sensitive and adaptive soothers that have soft shapes of animals along with an added vibrating sensory stimulus that of a heartbeat pulse to help the baby calm down. Some plus sleeping buddies will have sounds and lights with stars to help put the baby to sleep.

Cribs & Cots 

Mothercare is a durable and high-quality provider of various cribs and cots. Their Baby Hug 4 in 1 is an overnight crib, recliner, highchair and first table chair all in one making it a one time purchase for new parents that they will use for a few years. The travel cot is by Joie Kubbie Sleep, CoustomClick and Sena'aire, designed to be highly adaptive and intuitive to the babbies growing needs. There is a specially designed breastfeeding side bed called Cozee Co-Sleeping for 0 to 6 months to be placed next to the main bed mattress for easy access to the baby during the night. 

Strollers, Prams & Pushchairs 

Strollers have different categories designed to help the baby or toddler travel without facing exhaustion. Each of these carrying mobile chairs has durable wheels that can protect the child from external weather heat or cold with a protective layer and have blankets with zips for extra comfort.

The more advanced models will have a recliner that makes it easy for the baby or toddler to lie down that they may be able to take a nap while being outdoors. Strollers are an important part of parenting as they help save children and parents from feeling overburdened by keeping up with groceries, errands and work.

The durability of a stroller, pushchair or pram is essential as the wheels need to be sturdy and the material needs to be weatherproof to face rain or the hot sun. Most importantly there needs to be a secure safety belt that will ensure the baby does not fall out or slip out of the stroller chair. A popular choice is the Chicco series has the 3 in 1 travel system great as a multifunctional stroller that will keep the child safe and secure while travelling.  

They have convertible functionality features will take several essential qualities of a pram to pushchair and build it into a car seat. They can have a recliner and travel-friendly foldability to make sure mothers find it easier to take their baby to the market and outdoors without burning too much energy and disrupting the child. A budget-friendly model for a stroller is the Nanu, that is ideal for kids 3-8 years. Nanus are pushchairs, car seats and easy to transport from the nursery to the car. 

Car Seat

In most developed countries the law will be enforced that parents secure their children in Car Seats. There are various car seats available at Mothercare that can be purchased according to the car size, personal budget and functionality. There are 0 - 12 years, 0 to 15 months and combination, forward-facing seat ideal for 0 to 9 to 4 years. A high back booster with a harness can accommodate a 9 month to 12 years old easily and without harness will seat a 4 to 12 year old.  

Toiletries & Bathing

All-we-know-Baby lotion is a popular non-greasy gentle moisturizer that is designed to not harm the delicate skin of a baby. It has essential olive oil and soothing anti-inflammatory chamomile agents that help keep the baby's skin hydrated. Other toiletries include bathing Head to Toe, shampoo and conditioner for baby to toddlers range. 

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