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The best price of Motorbike in Pakistan is Rs. 58 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,537.


Affordable and economical transportation is a priority for working professionals for inter-city travel or adventure travellers in Pakistan. The Honda and Yahama motorbike price in Pakistan is competitive offering a lower price point than imported bikes such as Ducati or Harley Davidson.


Ergonomic & Reliable 

The important features of a motorbike are its engine, breaks, transmission, clutch, bore stroke and weight. The height of the bike can also make a huge difference when travelling on uneven dirt roads and the comfort of the seat can also help stabilise the rider while driving. Motobikes will traditionally have a 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled engine that is capable of high horsepower delivery fast speeds. A good 60 to 50 W Beam Headlight and Tail Light will help the rider see the road at night keeping them safe from any unwanted accidents. The SOHC engine is a Single Cylinder with different cc-power models up to 250cc that is considered the sports design. 


Having a variety of speeds can help tailor the riding experience to your personal needs. With up to 6 Speed Gearbox travellers can customise their motorbikes for slopes, flat and long durational rides. The Self Start System makes it easy to ride and saves precious fuel. The Programmed Fuel Injection Technology and  Digitalized Speedometer make the motorbike smart from inside out delivery an economical and modern riding experience at a lower price point.  


Breaks are the most important part of a motorbike as majority of the accidents can be made less fatal by having dependable and secure front and rear disk breaks. Another important safety feature are durable Alloy Rims and Tubeless Tires that maximise longevity of the bike. The engine of a bike vibrates and can become a liability when needing to turn at high speed. The  Monoshock Rear Suspension is essential is creating a stable riding performance and is crucial that the motorbike have good suspension. Motorbikes can be as light as 82 KG making them easy to transport and park. The heavier a bike the better the stability on the road making 124 KG a good weight for city motorbikes. 

Price List

Model Price
Archer & Finch Men's West Coast Motorcycle Printe… Rs. 799
2 x Universal Motorcycle Bike LED Amber Signal Li… Rs. 799
Bike Indicators Pair 70cc Rs. 269
The Warehouse Superman Printed Key Chain (KC-511) Rs. 299
Kayazar Silicone Keychains Yamaha Jacket Red (912… Rs. 160
Bburago 1:18 Motorcycle Assortment Rs. 1,149
STDMAN Motorcycle 76 California Royal Blue Tshirt… Rs. 795
Mechanical motorcycle toy for kids Rs. 250
BULLSONE Pola Family Modern Sports Vent Clip AQWA Rs. 485
Kayazar Silicone Keychains Duck (9126842) Rs. 160
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