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The best price of Motorbike Jacket in Pakistan is Rs. 11,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,800.


A great style statement or much needed protection while riding. The difference being that some are made just for looks while others are made for bikers to be safer. Both variations are available in different styles, materials and colours. What you need is first based on whether you ride or not and then on the style you like; finally what price point you can afford to purchase.


A classic jacket

Motorbike jackets traditionally were made in leather, in the 1920s before we had tough synthetic materials available to the public for cheap. The classic style is still available worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger while playing 'The Terminator', with the zip more to one side and large lappels that can be closed up for warmth. Available in various designs and colours today, there are some that are just for style and some that actually work as protection while riding.

Much needed protection

Riding a bike can be dangerous, having the right kind of wear is important. The possibilities of an accident are many and on a bike one is completely exposed. Any kind of physical protection comes from only what you wear. Jackets designed for this specific purpose are available in different designs and also with ratings as to how much damage they can take. With room for padding to be inserted or a back brace, the latter could save one from a major injury. Jackets also come with ventilation so one isn't being toasted inside it in the summer or liners that can be attached so one isn't freezing in the winter months. Better quality ones have adjustments possible in various places so the fit is better and more comfortable. Motorbike jackets are available in many materials, designs and colours. Which you pick is a matter of the price you have in mind and the design you like; more importantly how much it would protect you in exigent circumstances.

The fashion version

Motorbike jackets are worn as style statements often. The classic one is still common, but not many people can pull that off. The newer version with a band collar is easier to pull off and is also a more streamlined design. These can be made from leather, faux-leather or any host of synthetic materials. With stripes to denote the racing style, but in regular wear, stripes could be a bit extravagant. These versions do not have the friction resistance needed for actual bike riding and cannot be relied of on for proper protection.

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Motorbike Leather Jacket Rs. 11,800
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