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The best price of Motorcycle Helmet in Pakistan is Rs. 444 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,055.


To protect motorcycle riders from road accident fatalities the Traffic Police of Pakistan has become strict about riders wearing motorcycle helmet at all times. The fact is wearing a motorcycle helmet will decrease the risk and severity of injuries by 70% and the likelihood of death by almost 40% in Pakistan. There is a variety of helmets available online for riders. Depending on the riders budget, colour and style preferences, daily use and the quality of the material used to make the helmet there are a variety of motorcycle helmets to choose from online.

Pros & Cons


  • Protection from fatal head and neck injuries during an accident

  • Affordable and easily replaceable

  • Available online

  • Improve riding ability by creating a screen of protection from external elements such as wind pressure and insects

  • Available in a variety of colourful designs


  • Construction helmets are not for motorcycle riding

  • Can not be repaired once the helmet is cracked

  • Cheaper helmets will be poor quality and easily break

  • Can become hard to carry around and can easily be stolen if left unattended on the motorcycle

  • Can not be stored inside the bike and have no locking system


Increase in Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycles are inexpensive and easy to maintain as compared to a car, making them a highly popular mode of transport in Pakistan. There are overcrowded traffic jams commonly seen throughout major cities of Pakistan. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are large metropolis cities that have complex roads and infrastructure.

With the rising inflation and regressing economy buying a car is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, Pakistan has a high number of motorcycle riders on the road. The total number of motorcycles manufactured and sold in 2017 was 1,557,792.

Design & Durability

A motorcycle helmet will protect riders when it has a strong outer shell made from polycarbonate plastic, an impact-absorbing liner under the hardcover along with expanded polystyrene also known as styrofoam or EPS foam inside the helmet for extra support.

Riders are travelling at high speeds, different weather conditions, it is essential for them to protect their faces from insects, recached road particles thrown by other vehicles. For this various face, shields are available in Full Face, Open Face, Half Head shapes made from polycarbonate, fibreglass and other shatterproof glass.

To keep the motorcycle helmet in place there is an adjustable Chinstrap that can be fastened accordingly to each rider. Keeping in firmly strapped will ensure that the helmet takes the full impact of high-speed fall or collision. Motorcycle helmets have a range of prices depending on their brand manufacturer.

Accident Warning: Fatalities & Death  

Motorcycle riders in Pakistan do not want to wear the full-body protective gear for riding a motorcycle as the weather is hot during the summer. For these same reasons, they will also avoid wearing a helmet. That is why the police have now started to implement a fine for riders without helmets.

Riders suffer the most in road accidents as they are completely exposed to serious injuries. A broken neck or shattered spin are common causes of death in riders leading to instant death at collision. For those who survive road accidents, they have to live with a life long disability without any health care in Pakistan.

Traffic Police Law Enforcement 

The traffic police in Pakistan has not standardised the model or tyle of motorcycle helmets to allow riders to buy anything they can afford as long as they wear protective headgear. A 'challan' is issued for 200 PKR which is a receipt for a traffic offence by the traffic police to the rider for not wearing a safety helmet.

Price List

Model Price
Honda Horn For All Motorcycles Rs. 444
Motorcycle helmet economical price smart halmet h… Rs. 950
Waterproof & Dust Proof Motorcycle Cover - Rs. 565
FS Couture Helmet Key Chain (0004) Rs. 799
Waterproof & Dust Proof Motorcycle Cover - Rs. 565
Motor Bike Helmet - Rs. 790
ZTC Motor Bike Helmet Red Rs. 2,250
Motor Bike Helmet - Rs. 699
Honda Horn For All Motorcycles Rs. 444
Sassi Red Flame Helmet Keychain (1047B) Rs. 799
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