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The best price of Motorola Mobile in Pakistan is Rs. 599 and estimated average price is Rs. 34,065.


The pioneering brand of mobiles, Motorola has been around for a long time and was also the market leader before Nokia took over in the late 90s. Today they produce smartphones of various kinds, keeping different price ranges in mind. Most of their mobiles are available at a mid-range price point. The quality is good, but Motorola as a brand has yet to have a hit smartphone.


A bit about Motorola

Starting as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928 by two brothers in Illinois, Chicago. Their first success was a car radio named Motorola, which later led to the brand changing its name to it. Motorola provided a lot of police in the area with radios and later worked with the US military and made walkie-talkies for the Allies during WWII. Over the years the brand has developed many different products, but mostly related to communications. Aside from that Motorola had a semiconductor wing, which was making chips for computers that were used in the Atari ST, Apple Macintosh and more.

It was them that made the first-ever call from a mobile. It was also on a Motorola receiver that Neil Armstrong said the famous line "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" from the moon.

Motorola was split into two entities in 2011; Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. The latter was initially bought by Google, but today is owned by the Chinese brand Lenovo.

Motorola mobiles

There was a time when Motorola ruled the telephone market, just before Nokia did. The Motorola phones from back then would be considered a brick today. Over time they made their mobiles smaller. With many that were very famous models, such as the StarTAC and Moto Razr.

Today they are one of the many brands that make smartphones based on the Google Android OS. A few different series are developed to target various segments of the market. Some are cheaper while others are more expensive, the differences being in build, number of cameras and internal specs. Motorola has also launched a new iteration of their Razr as a smartphone, it is the first foldable smartphone from them.


Motorola makes good phones but they have not yet regained their market position from the early 1990s era, they are not among the top Android-based smartphone producers.

With a wide variety that caters to many different demographics. The price range varies from mid to high, with more models being in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Motorola Verve Cam Accessories 4 Piece Action Bun… Rs. 599
Motorola Moto E6i Rs. 20,999
Motorola Moto E6s (4G, 2GB 32Gb Blue) With Offici… Rs. 13,878
Motorola Moto E40 Rs. 21,999
Motorola Moto E7 Power Rs. 27,600
Motorola Moto G51 Rs. 40,000
Motorola Moto G Power Rs. 40,000
Motorola Moto M Rs. 25,400
Moto E4 Plus 3 GB Rs. 18,900
Motorola Moto G Stylus 2021 Rs. 35,000
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