Moulinex Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Moulinex Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 13,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 16,399.


The easy way to fry your foods, with a contained tank and timers; deep fryers make it convenient. Moulinex has a few options for deep fryers, the prices are generally affordable.


A brand from France, Moulinex produces a lot of different appliances. One can also find deep fryers in the brand's catalogue. The differences are in design.

The deep fryers have an oil tank that is non-stick making it easier to keep clean. The basket comes with the fryer and it is used to lower or remove food from the hot oil. Moulinex deep fryers have timers and temperature settings so you can get just the kind of cook you need.

One needs to keep the oil clean so burnt debris from previously fried food does not ruin what you are cooking. Moulinex deep fryers are cool to the touch, meaning the outside does not get hot while it is on. This makes for safer usage in the kitchen.

The price of Moulinex deep fryers is relatively affordable, and it is a high-value purchase as it can give quite a long time of usage.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex AF165111 Deep Fryer Rs. 18,899
Moulinex AM205028 Deep Fryer Rs. 13,899
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