Moulinex Meat Mincer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Moulinex Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 19,599 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,599.


Moulinex produces various kinds of appliances and has options for meat mincers as well. These are also known as meat grinders and are used to prepare fresh mincemeat.


Having the option to mincemeat at home is good as you know what cuts you are using. One needs a meat mincer or a meat grinder, and Moulinex has options you can choose from. The size is compact and it can fit onto a countertop with ease.

The Moulinex meat mincer has a feeding tray that makes it easy to cut up the pieces and slowly slide them into the blades. In case one wants the meat to be finer, it can be run through the grinder multiple times.

Having a Moulinex meat mincer at home also means you can make sure your machine is clean and more hygienic. Protecting yourself and your family from bacteria from dirt.

Moulinex meat mincers are well made and there are a few different options one can pick from, some are simpler machines while others have more options. Choosing the right one that suits your kitchen use is important.

The prices are in a mid-range, making this appliance accessible.

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Model Price
Moulinex ME511H25 Meat Mincer Rs. 19,599
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