Moulinex Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Moulinex Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 3,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,628.


Making sandwiches is a quick way to prepare snacks and this can be made easier by getting a sandwich maker from Moulinex. Available for affordable prices, adding a lot of value to your kitchen.


Toasted sandwiches make for great snacks and getting a sandwich maker for this purpose can be convenient. Moulinex has a range of sandwich makers you can choose from.

The plates inside are non-stick so your sandwich will not get stuck to the heating plates, this also makes the plates very easy to clean, you just need to wipe them down. You can also put a bit of butter on the outside of your sandwich if you want that kind of taste and cook. This machine has a timer so you you do not need to worry about your sandwich getting burnt.

One can make savoury or sweet sandwiches, depending on what one is craving. Closing the lid compresses all the ingredients and makes things like cheese melt. The plates are the kind that cut the sandwich into triangles.

Moulinex has a design that is similar to most sandwich makers where you can prepare two in one go. This is good if you want to prepare snacks for hungry kids.

The price of a Moulinex sandwich maker is in an affordable range, so you get good value as the usage is a lot over time.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex Sandwich Maker BY154042 Rs. 12,800
Moulinex Sandwich Maker BY154042 Rs. 12,800
Moulinex SM154042 Sandwich Maker Rs. 6,199
Moulinex Subito 2 Slice Toaster - LT340811 Rs. 12,401
Moulinex Principio Toaster 2 Slot - LT160111 Rs. 12,507
Moulinex SM154040 Sandwich Maker Rs. 6,199
Moulinex Sandwich Maker - SW612543 Rs. 18,290
Moulinex Sandwich Maker SM1540 White Rs. 3,800
Moulinex TL176530 - Electric Toaster Red & Black Rs. 6,430
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