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The best price of Mpow in Pakistan is Rs. 3,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,347.


A brand made for the modern lifestyle with many accessories that go along with our portable devices today. These include headphones, selfie sticks, phone mounts and more. Generally, the price of Mpow devices is in the affordable ranges, with some specific models that cost a lot more.



A brand for accessories relating to the modern portable device lifestyle. Mpow produces a range of headphones, speakers, handsfree headsets, selfie sticks, phone mounts, Bluetooth receivers, Bluetooth to FM transmitters, LED rings with tripods, waterproof phone pouches, as well as earmuffs, earplugs and a ground loop noise isolator.

The headphone range

One can find all the various kinds of headphones from Mpow, this includes overhead headphone with Active Noise Cancelling. The sports headphones that are designed to stay in place as you work out and built to be waterproof so sweat does not damage them. Neckband versions are also part of the collection.

Gaming headsets are featured among the collection as well, these are built with a mini-boom mic that lets gamers talk to other players online as well as with their team to strategise.

True wireless earbuds are available at Mpow as well, with quite a few different design options. Some are similar to the Apple AirPods while others are made like the Galaxy Buds. This lets users choose the style they prefer. 


The speaker range is the Bluetooth portable kind. Mpow has portable waterproof speakers so if one is out and about there are lesser chances of it getting damaged. With the other option being a soundbar shape which one can use at home with their PC or TV. The smallest Bluetooth speakers are what the brand calls shower speakers, these are small circular waterproof speakers that can be hung on the shower.

The shower speakers and the larger portable ones can be daisy-chained. With the shower speakers, this only works for 2 speakers while the larger ones can daisy chain a 100 of them.

Other products

The handsfree headsets are the single ear type, one can make use of these if they want a dedicated device for their calls, otherwise, the headphones are capable of handling calls as well.

The many different phone mounts are useful for one's car, as using maps while holding a phone and driving can be dangerous as well as illegal. Other devices for the car are also the Bluetooth to FM transmitters, these let one play music from their smartphone via the radio if there is no AUX input. There are also Bluetooth receivers for the AUX input if one does have such a sound system in their car.

The waterproof pouches are useful for festivals or if one is going to the beach. These, of course, can also be used for rainy weather. In the same line, Mpow also has armbands for smartphones, which people use while running or working out.

There are various selfie sticks which also work as tripods. With some, there is even a small triggering remote which lets you click a picture from a distance at command. 

The Mpow earmuffs are the kind which are used at shooting ranges to avoid ear damage and the earplugs are for concerts where the blaring music can also damage ones hearing.

The ground loop isolators from Mpow are made to remove any noise or hum one is hearing in their audio systems, which can be very annoying as the persist even while the music is playing.


Mpow as a brand is generally very affordable, with a few specific items are from an expensive price point. Such as their Holo H18 ANC Headphones which cost as other premium level headphone.

The brand has also won the Red Dot Design Award for some of their products. This gives you an idea of the design style and quality.

Price List

Model Price
Mpow CHE1 Kids Headphones Rs. 3,499
Mpow HC5 Bluetooth Headset with Microphone Rs. 9,499
MPOW HC5 Bluetooth Headset V5.0 Rs. 9,000
Mpow M7 True Wireless Earbuds Rs. 5,999
Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass Surround … Rs. 8,999
Mpow HC3 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone with Dual Noise … Rs. 6,649
Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset Rs. 3,699
Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Protabel Car Adapter Blue… Rs. 3,999
Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Rs. 4,150
Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset Rs. 6,690
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