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The best price of Mua Brush in Pakistan is Rs. 793 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,593.


Professional makeup artists use a variety of Mua Brush sets to create complex and high fashion looks for their clients. Every makeup product has its own Mua brush and applicator tools to help achieve the best results. There are blending brushes for foundation, eyeshadow and lip colours application that make the process smooth and provide precise control over the product and colour.


The Mua brush sets are high quality and professional grade providing the perfect grip and control over your makeup products. There are 18 kinds of face brushes by Mua Makeup Academy that include the essential foundation brush, blusher & contouring, concealer and kabuki. Depending on the type of foundation you are using the right brush will improve the coverage and blending of liquid, cream and powder on the skin. The various kind of shapes, sizes and grips allow you to glide the product on your face or dab the foundation to set and lock on the skin. Blending the foundation helps it seal and mix into the skin's natural oils providing better long-wear performance. 

12 kinds of Eye Brushes are each designed with a very specific purpose. The Eyeshadow Brush has various models that lift the product in their own unique way to create blended or smudged, bold or soft makeup looks on the eyelids. There are eyeliner brushes that can precisely line the top and waterline of the eyes giving you clean and symmetrical results. Having control over the product is the main function of the Mua Brush that will give you the confidence to create new and exciting makeup looks using larger eyeshadow palettes.  

The Mua Brush collection includes Lip Brushes that are used more commonly by makeup professionals who want to blend multiple colours to create unique lip colour designs. These brushes can be used by anyone who wants to experiment using lipsticks to create depth and drama using lipsticks, shimmer powder or try our lipstick designs like ombre. Some prefer using a Makeup Sponge instead of a Foundation Brush as these are easy to hold with multiple fingers providing great grip and control to spread the foundation on the face and neck. With a Makeup Sponge, you can reach areas like behind the ears and jawline as it takes on the same shape as your face structure. 

Price List

Model Price
MUA T/A Eyebrow Brush With Comb E6 Rs. 1,600
MUA T/A Powder Brush F6 Rs. 1,850
MUA T/A Foundation Brush F2 Rs. 1,750
MUA T/A Eyebrow Brush With Comb E6 - 96072196 Rs. 1,600
Mua Brush Highlighting - F11 Rs. 2,000
MUA T/A A/ E2 - Eyeshadow Contour Brush Rs. 1,400
Mua Eyebrow Brush With Comb - E6 Rs. 1,601
MUA Pencil Brow Define Eyebrow with Blending Brus… Rs. 1,400
MUA- Large Concealer Brush F16 Rs. 1,009
MUA- Foundation Brush F1 Rs. 1,457
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