Mud Eyelashes Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Mud Eyelashes in Pakistan is Rs. 1,387 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,562.


Mud Eyelashes offers a range of synthetic lashes in different levels of thickness and length that will highlight and widen the appearance of the eyes.


Creating the perfect makeup requires contouring facial features and when adding synthetic eyelashes to volumise and elongate the eyelashes the shape of the eyes can be highlighted and brightened. The Mud Eyelashes have a specialised collection of four lash designs each creating a different effect on for the shape of the eyes. When volumising and thickening the lashes use the Eyelash 105 & 103 which have a thick long wing that creates a rich volumising effect that looks glamorous and dramatic. 

For a more natural look choose the Eyelash 106 design as it has a feathered lighter thickness that blends into your natural lash line suitable for everyday use or special occasions. Eyelash designs can be chosen according to your face shape, eye shape and style of makeup. The medium thickness yet natural effect lash design is Eyelash 107 which has extensions blended into lighter strands to create a more natural effect on the eyes. There are single extension kits also available in Mud Eyelashes for those who want to have precise control over where they want to place each section of lashes available in three kinds of varieties. 

Price List

Model Price
MUD Eyelash - 301 Rs. 1,595
MUD Eyelash - 101 Rs. 1,595
MUD Eyelash - 102 Rs. 1,595
MUD Eyelash - 102 Rs. 1,595
MUD Eyelash - 105 Rs. 1,595
Mud Eyelash - 104 Rs. 1,595
MUD - Eyelash 301 Rs. 1,387
MUD Makeup Designory Eyelash, 301 Rs. 1,595
MUD Eyelash - 107 Rs. 1,595
MUD Makeup Designory Eyelash, 105 Rs. 1,595
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