Mud Palette Knife Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Mud Palette Knife in Pakistan is Rs. 2,295 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,295.


Palette Knife by MUD Cosmetics is made out of stainless steel. It can be used to handle cream makeup products in a hygienic way. Mud Palette Knife is priced in the midrange and is vegan and cruelty-free.


Handle Cream Makeup

Cream makeup products are difficult to use as they don't usually come with a spatula or an applicator. Using Mud Palette Knife to take out cream makeup products from palettes and pots makes using them easy and quick. It is also a hygienic way of handling cosmetics.

Mix Makeup Products

Often makeup wearers like to mix different cream or liquid makeup products to achieve unique shades and consistencies. Palette Knife by MUD Cosmetics helps in the easy removing of makeup from their containers and mixing them together.

No Contamination

With this knife, touching the product directly with your hand is minimized or entirely eliminated. This prevents cross-contamination and keeps skin infections and allergic reactions at bay.

Easy to Clean

MUD Palette Knife is easy to clean and store. Make sure to wipe it with alcohol or professional quality tool disinfectant after every use.

Price List

Model Price
Mud Palette Knife Rs. 2,296
MUD Makeup Designory Palette Knife Rs. 2,295
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