Mud Round Liner Brush Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Mud Round Liner Brush in Pakistan is Rs. 2,137 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,137.


Mud Round Liner Brush is a precise applicator tool with a tapered pint used by makeup professionals to create various kinds of eyeliner looks when using cream or cake products.


Mud Round Liner Brush has fine long thin bristles shaped in a rounded tip that provides precise control over the eyeliner pod formula. The Round Liner Brush can hold an even amount of the liner cream to create flawless thin lines that shape the eyes perfectly.

This is a fragile brush that requires preservation after using it so that it doesn't bend or clogged. Clean the brush with a makeup cleaning solution and lay it flat to dry so it retains its original shape. With the Mud Round Liner Brush a rich, highly pigmented and thick lining of the eyes is possible as it is a versatile tool. 

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MUD - Brush #900 Round Liner Rs. 2,137
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