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The best price of Muslim Shower in Pakistan is Rs. 7,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,282.


Bidet showers are also called Muslim showers for their popularity and use by Muslims across the globe. For decades they have become a major part of every Pakistani household and are a convenient way of performing the cleansing ritual that Muslims do after using the toilet. Multiple companies that produce stylish sanitary fittings also produce bidet sprayers and shattafs. Check out Muslim shower prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Designer homes and stylish sanitary fittings are quite a trend these days. If you are looking for an affordable option to upgrade your bathroom check out a wide range of sanitary fittings and Muslim sanitary showers on this page. The fittings include matching Muslim showers, hand showers, basin mixer, bath mixer, showerheads, flush tanks etc. 

Leading Brands

Sonex Sanitary, Super Asia, Faisal Sanitary, Sheraz Sanitary, Porta, Kandell, Shein, are some of the leading brand names that provide high-quality Muslim shower kits and sanitary fittings in Pakistan. The colours and materials range from plastic, metal, stainless steel, chrome in black, white, gray, metallic colours etc.

Faisal sanitary is known for offering a legitimate 10-year guarantee that will keep all their products fresh and up to date. Another popular name Sonex Sanitary was established in 1992 and has made its mark in the industry with its affordable yet elite looking sanitary fittings and accessories. Sonex Sanitary is based in Gujranwala but their products can easily be purchased online in Pakistan from our website.

ISO Certification

Sonex sanitary fittings embody a balanced blend of technology, functionality and aesthetics. Offering their products for a large audience Sonex sanitary is for every type of customer including commercial, institutional and private clients. The materials used are brass, chrome Following ISO plating standards, Sonex uses high-quality chrome and brass materials with nickel thickness of 25 up to 30 microns and chrome from 0.3 up to 0.5 microns.

Industrial Material

Faisal Sanitary's effective plating technology is applied on to high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The electroplating ensures that the internal mechanism and external appearance will not deteriorate due to oxidization. The latest Plasma Ion plating and Arc source depositing are used on all their products to create a high-quality coating to protect from regular wear and tear of overuse.

Being I.S.O. 9002 certified companies, air pressure, as well as water pressure testing, is thoroughly done before packing. Other than providing durable products and quality service, Sonex and Faisal also give 5 years guarantee for mechanical issues.

Price List

Model Price
Stainless Steel Muslim Shower Jet Chrome Rs. 7,500
Complete Concealed Shower Faucet Set with Wall Mo… Rs. 69,999
Grohe Muslim Showers Sena Muslim Shower With Clos… Rs. 27,629
Grohe Muslim Showers Tempesta F Muslim Shower Chr… Rs. 7,500
Grohe Muslim Showers Tempesta F Muslim Shower Whi… Rs. 7,500
Grohe Muslim Showers Tempesta F Muslim Shower Cro… Rs. 13,545
Grohe Muslim Showers Muslim Shower White Rs. 7,500
Grohe Muslim Showers Tempesta F Muslim Shower Cro… Rs. 7,500
Grohe Muslim Showers Muslim Shower Matt Rs. 7,500
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