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The best price of National Iron in Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,088.


The National iron is budget-friendly and durable, it will leave clothes smelling clean and fresh. For over a century people have been ironing their clothes using a heated metal piece with a firm handle attached on the top to control the direction of the iron. Once clothes have been washed and dried the heated iron would be pressed across each section of the clothes to make sure the entire piece of clothing was ironed. Every home will have a traditional electric iron as they are economical and affordable.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use heating control system

  • Safe to hold with durable plastic handle 

  • Easy to use daily not stressful or strenuous 

  • Pilot Lamp indicator for heat monitoring and engaged power supply


  • If not properly used can burn holes in clothes and tear through clothes

  • Uses electricity and if accidentally left on can waste electricity easily and burn someone who is unaware that it has been left on for a long time.


Useful Home Appliance 

The National Iron is manufactured in Pakistan and is readily available at a cheap price point online. Ideal for large families who have school-going children, the National iron will be able to iron clothes at any time of the day or night as long as there is electricity. Users won't need to wait for clothes to return from the dry cleaners or other outsourced washing cleaning services for freshly pressed clothes. Iron can especially eliminate mico fungi and thermophilic bacteria from clothes using high heat. It can be used on almost any surface as long as there is some cloth layer underneath it. Ideally, the iron should be used with an ironing stand so that users do not feel fatigued or exhausted after ironing.

History of the Clothes Iron

It wasn't until 1882 that Henry W. Seeley invented the first electric iron. He called it an electric flatiron and it was sold in America. Today the flatiron is a home appliance sold everywhere around the world. Unwanted wrinkles and creases after clothes that have been newly washed and dried at home look shabby and unkempt because of washing machine spin-dry or hand wash twisting of wet clothes. Professionals need to wear formal clothing without any wrinkles to work as they are expected to wear only neat and tidy attire. For working professionals who have regular meetings with clients and deliver presentations will benefit from ironing their clothes as it boosts self-confidence. 

Operation & Mechanism 

The Non-Stick Coating Sole Plate is part of the heating mechanism that is simple and user-friendly, once the iron is hot the user will apply pressure on the handle and glide the iron on the clothes. It is directly plugged into the wall socket for electricity and has one wire powering the iron. This cable is made from durable plastic and is usually coated with threading to prevent accidental electrical shock to the user. 

Heat Control Features 

The National Iron has a thermostat control that allows users to match heating temperature with the item of clothing they need to iron. For silk cloth, the National Iron will have a low heating setting and for thick cloth such as Khaddar, iron should be kept at maximum temperature. 

Ironing helps maintain clothes and spot any damage to the clothes. Clothes will last longer when they are ironed regularly. Ironing can keep the quality of the clothes fresh and colours will remain vivid over a long period of time.

Tips for Ironing

Washing machine when set on the wrong setting can result in shrinkage and excessive wrinkles on the clothes. Ironing can remove all shrinkage from clothes by returning them to their original state and ready to wear.

Users are warned to not leave the National iron turned on and switch off as soon as they are done ironing their clothes. An iron left on can accidentally fall and cause a burn injury. Also when the iron is set on the wrong heat setting it can damage clothes and tear holes into any kind of cloth. 

Users are advised to not use iron on their hair to straighten them or press paper with bleeding ink as this can dirty the iron plate. 


Product Type Heavy Duty Dry Iron
Power 1000 Watts
Voltage 220 V

Price List

Model Price
Upgraded GENUINE National Deluxe Automatic Dry Ir… Rs. 2,500
Upgraded GENUINE National Deluxe Automatic Dry Ir… Rs. 2,500
Upgraded GENUINE National Deluxe Automatic Dry Ir… Rs. 2,500
Gaba National Steam Iron GNE-202 Rs. 6,200
National Iron Rs. 4,700
Gaba National Iron GN-797/18 Rs. 3,645
National 1000 Watts Dry Iron Rs. 6,233
(P) NATIONAL IRON -PNI88 Rs. 4,500
National iron Rs. 2,000
Gaba National Garment Steamer GN-1158/21 Rs. 23,009
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