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The best price of Neoba Hamdard in Pakistan is Rs. 238 and estimated average price is Rs. 259.


Neoba by Hamdard is a fine mix of herbs and other natural extracts to help with the loss of vitality that happens to occur with age. It helps both the mental and physical aspects. The price of Neoba is nominal.


Neoba Hamdard

With age the body goes through a transformation, a natural ageing process that slows down the production of some hormones. The main one being DHEA, a hormone that the body produces to age slower. This change in the quantity of production affects many things including one's libido. Neoba by Hamdard has been designed to help increase the vitality of a man, both mental and physical.

These changes naturally affect a persons mind as well, not just their body. This makes them easy to tire mentally and have a general debility.

Neoba by Hamdard includes alpinia galang, syzygium aromaticum, egg yolk, musk xylol, asphaltum, crocus sativus, myristica fragrans, ambra grasea compound, strychnos nux vomica, testicular extract and excipients to keep the active ingredients stable for longer. All this is mixed in specific quantities to create a healthier balance for better effectiveness.


One is to take 1 or 2 tablets, preferably after their food. This would constitute as a dietary supplement.

There are no known side effects of Neoba but in case one is allergic to any of the ingredients they should avoid it. If one has swelling of the mouth or tongue, itchy skin or rashes they may be experiencing an allergic reaction and should get help immediately.

Neoba by Hamdard is available for nominal rates in Pakistan. This is a local product from one of the largest brands that produces alternative medicines, Hamdard.

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Hamdard Neoba 50 Tab Rs. 238
Hamdard Neoba, 50 Tablets Rs. 280
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