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The best price of Neobax Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 180 and estimated average price is Rs. 315.


Neobax Cream is a mix of herbs and other natural ingredients that help with male vitality. A simple cream that is fast-acting due to the nature of its form. The price of Neoba is nominal.


Neobax Cream 

A cream from Hamdard which is designed to enhance male potency by increasing blood flow to male organs. Neobax Cream is a mix of various herbs and other natural ingredients that creates a careful balance invoking the needed effects.

Neobax Cream includes anacylus pyrethrum, arania coccina, olive oil, pheretima posthuma, celastrus oil, musk xylol, testicular extract (castoreum), cantharides, clove oil, cinnamon oil and excipients to hold the ingredients together without deteriorating quick.


One is to take a small amount on their finger and rub it all over the organ. This cream is absorbed transdermally and is, therefore, fast-acting.   

There are no known side effects of Neobx Cream but in case one is allergic to any of the ingredients they should avoid it. If one has swelling of the mouth or tongue, itchy skin or rashes they may be experiencing an allergic reaction and should get help immediately.

Neobax Cream by Hamdard is available for nominal rates in Pakistan. This is a local product from one of the largest brands that produces alternative medicines, Hamdard.

Price List

Model Price
Pack Of 2 Neoba 50 Tab + Neobax Cream Rs. 450
Neobax Cream 15 Gram Rs. 180
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