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The best price of Neon Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 110 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,523.


A very cool kind of lighting solution, neon lights have a glow that is the reason for their massive success. One can find neon lights in many shapes and sizes. The original kind is based on noble gasses, but modern versions make use of LEDs to emulate the effect and feel. The price of a neon light depends on its size and type.


Neon Lights

Famous for the retro-era signage, neon lights are a kind of cold cathode gas-discharge light. These are based on the noble gases, of which neon is one. This gas is contained in a tube and electrodes are powered with high voltage, ionizing the gas and making it glow. This glow is what gives neon lights their distinct visual feel. Georges Claude is the man behind the modern form of neon lights we know. This is a furthering of the fluorescent light technology.

The tubes used for neon lights can be shaped into nearly any form, from italic writing to depictions of animals and humans. There are also smaller neon lights that are fit into a lamp and can be used as decoration or for ambient lighting in a space.

A neon light gets hot so one should avoid touching it, especially the ends of the tubes where the electrodes are fused in.

Modern iterations

There are newer lights that are also classified as neon lights, but these are made using LEDs and the coating on top is thick so the overall effect has the neon glow. Essentially these are designed to emulate the neon light but are not true neon lights.

People use these kinds of LED-based neon lights in their cars and other spaces, as it is a lot easier and safer in comparison to having glass tube lighting.


One can find neon lights at various prices depending on the size and type. The prices are in the lower to mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Buy on's Glow Light In The Dark Night Wall Clock … Rs. 499
Simple Heart Neon Sign Board Glow Neon Light Wall… Rs. 1,600
Chill Neon Sign Board Glow Neon Light Wall Signbo… Rs. 1,900
Car Number Plate License Frame with LED Neon Ligh… Rs. 5,693
Black Light Bomber Jacket With Neon Detailing Rs. 3,495
Pack of 2 Cycle - Bike - Car Tyre Valve Cap Motio… Rs. 220
Bride to be Neon sign board glow Neon light wall … Rs. 3,200
15ft EL Wire Sewing Edge Flexible Neon Lamp Rope … Rs. 1,500
Navy Blue Light Bomber Jacket With Neon Detailing Rs. 3,495
Good Vibes Neon sign board glow Neon light wall S… Rs. 1,800
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