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The best price of Nerf Guns in Pakistan is Rs. 1,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,180.


A toy gun that shoots foam darts. NERF guns can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages. There are many models to choose from. The separate series do have age limits as well for safety. The price of NERF guns is relatively high.



Invented by Lonnie Johson, an aerospace engineer, the NERF gun is a toy gun that shoots foam-based projectiles. These foam darts have different tips, there are the ones that have velcro so they stick to the NERF vests designed for playing a game of NERF Tag. The suction cup darts stick to smooth surfaces such as glass, streamlined darts that fit into a magazine and others that whistle while in flight. Darts are also made from different colours and some glow in the dark. The brand also introduced the Vortex series, that features blasters which fire small foam discs that are made from soft plastic and covered in foam. 

The NERF guns themselves have many different design lines, this includes Doomlands 2169 which has a post-apocalyptic theme; with futuristic designs. N-Strike Elite are the blasters that are based on the designs of real guns, still made to look more toy-like though with the colours and proportions. N-Strike Mega has larger blasters, with more range. Rival is the series that shoots foam balls instead of darts, these are more powerful and for an older age group.

Microshots are smaller blasters. There are also themed NERF gun series, these themes are borrowed from popular culture. This includes Star Wars, Fortnite and Overwatch.

Safety concerns & comments

Given that the projectiles shot by NERF guns can travel quite a distance it is important to be careful while playing with them. The dart could hit someone in the eye and cause serious injury, especially at a close range. Children need to understand the dangers of such toys before engaging in play. This is also why it is important to wear some form of eye protection, it could be clear glasses such as the ones used at shooting ranges or goggles. NERF itself sells eye protection. Their toys also have an age limit for this reason, as younger kids may not understand the damage and consequences of a toy.

NERF guns are a relatively expensive series of toys.

Price List

Model Price
Nerf Alpha Strike Tiger Rs. 3,995
Nerf Alpha Strike Tiger Rs. 3,995
Fire Storm: Red Monsterr Machine Soft Nerf Dart … Rs. 8,250
Soft Bullet Space Blaster Nerf Gun Rs. 2,450
Hasbro Nerf Alpha Strike Cobra Rc 6 Rs. 4,240
Blaster Fire Storm Soft Bullet Nerf Gun With Maga… Rs. 6,999
Nerf Alpha Strike Lynx SD-1 Blaster Gun Rs. 7,025
Hasbro Nerf N Strike 2 In 1 Gun With 12 Darts Rs. 3,850
NERF Double Breach Blaster Gun Rs. 6,795
Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint 2-Pack - Hasbro Rs. 3,395
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