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We all now what instant coffee looks like, dried coffee grounds that when mixed into water become ready to be had as a regular tall black cup. But what if you could have gourmet coffee styled drinks just as quickly as instant coffee. This is possible with the Nescafe Coffee Machine that can provide the best tasting coffee drinks in minutes without the mess, hassle or expensive price point.


The Whole Bean roast & ground coffee solution is an iteration of the Nescafe coffee machine that has the richness and aroma of freshly ground beans that can make strong Espresso, Americano and Lungo coffee drinks. The fast speed, reliable consistency and easy to use button ignition controls can make premium coffee as simple as a few steps.

The Milano range has various sizes and styles of coffee machines including the Milano S Mini and Touch in Commercial and Soluble Coffee Machines, Milano S Touch Commercial, Bean To Cup and Milano 2.0 Coffee Machine. It is a total coffee making solution bar, that can accommodate different kinds of strength, brews, milk and water quality. There are 27 drinks in the lineup that will accommodate any coffee drinker.

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