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The best price of Nestle Cerelac in Pakistan is Rs. 175 and estimated average price is Rs. 418.


Nestle Cerelac was established in 1949 and is globally popular because of guaranteed suitability for all babies. Breast milk alone does not ensure complete child development but by adding Cerelac to their diet mothers can ensure their babies have a strong immune system. Parents are adopting Cerelac to meet the baby's growing nutritional demands. Cerelac is not a breast milk substitute but a complementary food source.


Nestle Cerelac is an essential food product for infants. These are quick to make cereals that are easy to swallow for a baby. The nutrient-dense formula is recommended for a baby that is 6 months and older. The CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) process is a sophisticated technology with which foods are broken down such as carbohydrates into an easily digestible paste-like substance that is easy to eat. 

Nutritional Value

It has wholesome grains, Iron, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Omega 3 and Vitamin B1. These are all essential nutrients for strong bones and immune system building for the baby. One serving of Cerelac offers 50% iron that your baby requires helping the baby build strong blood circulation and absorption of oxygen within the body. A babys' mind needs Iron to stay energised and oxygenated. Vitamin C: is an antioxidant and also helps absorbs iron, and improves the immune system. The Probiotic Bifidus BL is similar to the kind found in the digestive systems of breastfed babies that ensures they can have a high metabolic rate. The protein, Zinc, Calcium, Omega 6, vitamin B1 and omega 3 help with the cognitive development of the brain. There are Nestle Cerelac for each stage the child is in according to age. The four stages ensure that the right percentage of nutrients are being supplemented to child growth at the time. Stage 1 baby is 6 months and can be fed flavours Cerelac Rice, Cerelac Wheat and Cerelac Maize.

Flavours & Packaging

The Nestlé Cerelac is available in 200g packaging and can be given to the child twice a day. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises feeding a 6-month-old baby solid food like Cerelac 3 times a day. The probiotic Bifidus BL present in Cerelac easily binds with vegetable or fruit puree when looking for an alternative to the simple water mixture. The flavours available are Oats & Wheat, Oats & Wheat with Prune, Muesli with Pear and Muesli with Banana & Apple.

The preparation is simple as all you need to do is add water or milk to the dry mixture. Breast milk or infant formula can also be used to mix in with Cerelac as a meal. 

Price List

Model Price
Baby Food - NESTLE CERELAC Nature's Selection (Mu… Rs. 430
Baby Food - NESTLE CERELAC - Wheat 350g Rs. 590
Baby Food - NESTLE CERELAC Nature's Selection (Mu… Rs. 430
Nestle Cerelac 3 Fruit 175g Rs. 263
Nestle Cerelac Wheat and Banana 175g Rs. 490
Nestle Cerelac Orange & Apple 175g Rs. 395
Nestle Cerelac 3 Cereals With Milk 400g Rs. 560
Nestle Cerelac Milk Rs. 450
Nestle Cerelac Orange & Apple 6 Months and above … Rs. 480
Nestle Cerelac Nature's Selection Cereal, Multigr… Rs. 435
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