Nestle Juice Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nestle Juice in Pakistan is Rs. 35 and estimated average price is Rs. 185.


The Nestle juice can be used as a base to make fresh smoothies, cocktails and added to other recipes like fruit chat. It is complimentary to carbonated tonic water and makes for a refreshing wedding, formal lunch or dinner and party drink.


Flavours and Volume

There is a small single-serving juice box of 200 ML that is easy to carry and acts as a cup holder with a straw attached to the front of the packaging. The larger bottle is 1000 ml or 1 litre that serves up to 5 to 8 people, ideal for gatherings. The flavours available under the brand Nestle Fruita Vitals are Kinnow, Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Red Grapes, Chaunsa, Kinnow, Chaunsa, Peach, Pineapple, Guava and Mint Margarita. 

The most popular flavour is the Kinnow that is the Urdu word for a certain type of orange that is sweeter than the other varieties. These are the Valencia oranges that bring a different flavour that is widely popular in Pakistan. 

Calories and Ingredients 

It has less than 100 kcal per serving which is healthier than other carbonated soft drinks. The ingredients are 31% Fruit content fruit pulp, sugar, citric acid, stabilizers (INS 466, 440, 415), natural flavours, natural sweetener (INS 960), ascorbic acid & permitted food colour (INS 160a). 


High-quality production and packaging are done in Lahore, Pakistan under the strict licensing of Société des product which is the Nestle S.A Vevey in Switzerland.

Directions & Caution 

It is recommended that once opened the juice box be refrigerate and consume within 4 - 6 days.

Price List

Model Price
Nestle FRUITA VITALS Sparkling Cans Apple Rs. 95
Nestle FRUITA VITALS Sparkling Cans Lime Rs. 96
Nestle FRUITA VITALS Sparkling Cans Apple Rs. 95
Nestle Fruita Vitals Chaunsa 1 L Rs. 290
Nestle Fruita Vitals Guava Fruit Nectar 1 Litre Rs. 240
Nestle Fruita Vitals Peach Fruit Drink Nectar 1 L… Rs. 249
Nestle Fruita Vitals Falsa Gold Range Nectar, 1 L… Rs. 350
Nestle Rice Baby Cerelac Rs. 360
Nestle Fruita Vital Chaunsa Juice Tetra ... Rs. 60
Nestle Fruita Vitals Red Grape Gold Juice 1ltr Rs. 252
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