Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 159 and estimated average price is Rs. 163.


Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream could be had in many ways. You could have it with bread during your breakfast, on pancakes, waffles, or on dessert. It would even be great with certain drinks hot and cold.


Nestle has a few options of cream that one can get, this includes their Chocolate Cream.

A flavor that is one of the most loved, chocolate cream can be had with many things. From spreading it on toast for a quick snack, one could use the Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream on pancakes, waffles and for crepes as well.

The Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream would be great for various desserts as well, including on ice-cream. If you are making a milkshake or hot chocolate, you could use this cream to add some more flavor or as a topping.

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Model Price
Nestle Milkpak Chocolate Cream 180ML Rs. 160
Nestle Milk Pak Chocolate Breakfast Cream 180 ML Rs. 159
Nestle Milk Pak Chocolate Breakfast Cream Rs. 170
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