Nestle Yogurt Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nestle Yogurt in Pakistan is Rs. 110 and estimated average price is Rs. 159.


Yogurt is loaded with probiotics and nutrients and is an excellent choice for increasing immunity, improving digestion and bowel function. Nestle products are widely used all over the world and are one of the most sold and preferred yogurt brands in Pakistan. Great for people of all ages, you can even introduce Nestle milk and yogurt as your baby's early foods, owing to the valuable nutrients. Check Nestle yogurt prices in Pakistan on this page and read on to choose from a wide array of flavours.


Nestle Yogurt Benefits

Nestle is synonymous with quality and reliability and is a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamins, only second to homemade options. You can check the ingredients and nutritional information on the back of the pack. Regularly eating Nestle yogurt will help your body produce vitamin B in the bowels and prevent gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and infections in the long run. The probiotics will make your body strong and increase immunity with regular consumption.

Nestle Nesvita Yogurt

Weight conscious people like to have non-fat or low-fat yogurt options. Nesvita is Nestle's brand offering high-calcium low-fat yogurt and milk options. It is a great way of maintaining bone health and replacing lost calcium and vitamins from the body. Nesvita Nestle yogurt is best for those trying to lose weight and looking for healthy food options.

Nestle Yogurt Flavors

While plain nestle yogurt is the most in-demand, other offerings by the brand include the flavoured yogurt variety. Immensely popular amongst children, Nestle's flavoured yogurt comes in a wide array of fruit flavourings and contains real fruit chunks. Flavours include Peach, Berry Mix Medley, Almond-Lychee, Strawberry, Melon Nata, Raspberry Apple, Ube-Langka, Mango and Buco Nata etc. They taste great and also pack added nutrients from real fruits. 

Apart from recyclable round containers, Nestle yogurt is available in pouch packaging too with the most common being the 500gm pouch. Nestle Yogurt price in Pakistan varies depending on the flavour and weight but they are amongst the most affordable options.

Price List

Model Price
Nestle Yogurt Sweet and Tasty 400GM Rs. 169
Nestle Milk Pak Yogurt 450g Rs. 145
Nestle Karachi Special Yogurt, Unsweetened, 400g Rs. 190
Nestle Podina Raita (250gm) Rs. 130
Nestle milk pak yogurt 500 ml pack Rs. 180
Nestle Original Yogurt, Sweet, 400g Rs. 180
Nestle Plain Yogurt 200g Rs. 110
Nestle Yogurt - Sweetened 400g Rs. 150
Nestle Yogurt Sweet and Tasty 400GM Rs. 160
NESTLE Yogurt Sweet N Tasty 200 Grams Rs. 160
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