Nesvita Milk Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nesvita Milk in Pakistan is Rs. 47 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,269.


Nesvita is a sub-brand of Nestle, the Swiss multinational conglomerate that produces a wide array of products including milk and yogurt. Nesvita milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and have low or zero fat content making it superior to regular milk or yogurt. The high calcium low fat formula helps keep your bones strong and healthy, keeping you fit no matter what age. Regular consumption will increase bone density and prevent the chances of bone-related diseases in both men and women. Available in liquid and powder form, Nesvita milk price in Pakistan varies depending on the carton size but they are for sure an affordable way of maintaining good health and strong bones.


Nesvita Milk Benefits

With absolutely no side effects Nesvita milk comes with numerous benefits. It is fortified with calcium and also contains Calcilock, that is a unique blend of healthy nutrients. We all know Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium in the body. Calcilock contains Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus that together are responsible for absorbing and locking the calcium in your bones. 

Nesvita milk is also great for diabetics and for those trying to lose weight as it does not have added sugar in it. As long as you are taking your daily intake of calcium, there are no side effects of Nesvita milk but if you consume more than what's required you may end up having calcium deposits in your arteries. As with everything else, moderation is key. 

Nesvita Milk Nutrition Facts & Calories

Nesvita is low-fat high calcium milk that helps keep your bones strong. One glass of Nesvita Pro-Bones Low Fat milk will give you 120 calories while a glass of Nesvita Pro-Bones 0 Fat milk will give you 88 Kcal. The detailed nutritional information is written at the back of the pack. A glass of Nesvita milk fulfils around 32% of the daily calcium requirement of an adult.

Though it is great for adults, Nesvita milk is not suitable for children. They should consume full fat or cream milk as well as other dairy products like yogurt and cheese every day.

Price List

Model Price
Nestle Nesvita Milk Move Plus Strong Bones 1ltr -… Rs. 1,889
Nesvita Milk 200ml 12 Pack Rs. 974
Nesvita Milk 200ml 12 Pack Rs. 974
Nestle Nesvita Milk 200ml Rs. 47
Nesvita Milk 200ml 12 Pack Rs. 974
Nesvita Milk 200ml 12 Pack Rs. 974
Nestle Milk Nesvita 1000ML Rs. 215
Nestle Nesvita Low Fat Milk, 1000ml Rs. 250
Nestle Nesvita Milk Litre Pack Rs. 3,000
Nestle Nesvita 200ML x 24 Rs. 1,135
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