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Compare 315 prices from 22 stores.

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Rs. 750 - Rs. 11999


Owned by the Johnson & Johnson conglomerate, their products are available in over 70 countries. Popular products include the fash wash and moisturisers that are best suited for sensitive skin types.


The popular series is the Oil Free Moisturizing lotions that are extra lightweight, water-based, clinically certified ideal oily skin types. The formula used in the Oil-Free Acne Wash is designed especially for oily and acne-prone skin. The gentle gel-based texture cleans the skin by removing excess oil from the oily pores. It is important to prevent clogging of pores as that is the number one cause for pimples and breakouts. The micro-clear technology used in the face wash has been clinically proven to boost salicylic acid that ensures all acne and blackheads are cleaned off the surface of the skin.

UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 100+

The Helioplex formula is designed by Neutrogena, it is a broad-spectrum ultraviolet with both UVA and UVB protection containing avobenzone and oxybenzone. It is lightweight and easy to use as the water-resistant layer creates long-lasting protection from any sun damage throughout the day. It has a smooth and sheer effect on the skin, the non-shiny finish leaves the skin softer than before application.

Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

The lightweight gel-based formula is oil-free containing hyaluronic that is an organic gentle agent naturally produced by the body. Seen in the connective tissue and the eyes, it is able to retain water to lubricate tissue. The hydrating effects of the hyaluronic along with the natural olive extracts create a moisture balance that ensures skin stays hydrated and the gel cream is absorbed deeply by the driest parts of the face.

Lip Moisturizer

Neutrogena popularly sells its lip moisturizers during the harsh winter season. It is a smooth, non-greasy gel that easily coats the lips and keeps them hydrated in dry cold weather. It also has an SPF sunscreen protection of 15 that protects the lips from any sun damage. Lips feel smooth, soft, and healthy right after the first application.

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The best price of Neutrogena in Pakistan is Rs. 750 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,172.

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Neutrogena Rs. 3,500
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Neutrogena Rs. 4,999
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Neutrogena Rs. 4,000
NEUTROGENA – Cleansing..… Rs. 2,390
Neutrogena Rs. 2,250