Nia Headphones Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nia Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 1,380 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,304.


A brand that produces wireless over-ear headphones. They have multiple media input functions so you can switch between them easily in case you need to. The battery times vary but are more than ample. One can buy NIA headphones in a budget-friendly range making them an affordable option for many people.



An audio solutions brand that is based in China and was formed in 2011. The brand has a focus on Bluetooth based wireless headphones.

NIA Headphones

The range from NIA is generally in the friendly budget, this also lets one know that the quality will be based around such a price. One cannot compare these headphones with other brands that sell their products for a high-end rate.

The NIA headphones are a simple and modern design with some options for funky colours as well. They are all made using Bluetooth technology, with varying playtimes of course, based on the specific model. This can range from a talk time of 5 hours all the way to a talk time of 15 hours. All the headphones have a built-in microphone so you can also answer your calls on the go while listening to your media.

The drivers make use of Neodymium magnets, a type that is used by many of the top-end brands as well. This material makes for the strongest permanent magnets which helps produce better audio resolutions for a longer period.

Most of their headphones have multiple options for media playing, this includes radio, the ability to play from an on-earcup microSD card slot, AUX and Bluetooth. This gives users many different options in case they are in changing circumstances.

NIA headphones have the basic controls built onto the earcup, making them easy to access on the fly.


There are ample choices from NIA for headphones, so everyone can find something they are looking for. Especially if a budget buy is what they have in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Rs. 2,159
NIA X2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Black Rs. 1,800
Nia Q7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Rs. 2,483
NIA Q6 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Rs. 2,300
NIA X2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone - Black | Hea… Rs. 2,550
Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Rs. 3,000
Nia X5Sp Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Rs. 2,299
Nia Q8-851s Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Rs. 1,600
NIA X2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone - White | Hea… Rs. 3,000
Nia X5Sp Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Sport Headse… Rs. 2,299
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