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With a Nikai Rice Cooker you can get white rice cooked just right each time. As these cookers work on auto, one also has time to complete other tasks without worrying about the rice being cooked.


If you regularly cook white rice the Nikai Rice Cooker makes your task a lot easier. You just need to put in the rice and the right amount of water based on the makers.

Nikai Rice Cookers make sure you get white rice that is boiled just right. Once it is done the cooker automatically shifts to the keep warm function. This means your rice stays hot while you finish up meal preparations and also stays fresh if you would like to serve it in portions over meal times.

The non-stick inner pot means your rice does not get stuck to the base or sides and this pot is also easier to clean.

The Nikai Rice Cookers are simple to use, with just one button that needs to be pushed down to start them.

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