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The best price of Nintendo Switch Console in Pakistan is Rs. 59,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 79,346.


A multi-mode device designed by Nintendo. The Switch can be played as a handheld device, as a small screen on a tabletop and also connected to the TV. This level of versatility is hard to come by. The games are sold separately and the Nintendo Switch is a relatively costly gaming device.


The Nintendo Switch

A gaming console from one of the top few brands that rule the console market. The Nintendo Switch was designed to be played on the go leisurely and for intense gaming at home as well. This being a difference in the gaming culture between Japan and the west, as in Japan people game on the go and the latter being the western style of gaming. The size of the Nintendo Switch's controller is based on feedback from Nintendo Wii players, who wanted smaller controllers for the Wii. The Nintendo Switch was a success for the brand with over 3 million units being sold within the first month; a million more than what Nintendo had predicted for that time period.


Nintendo Switch has a main console that is a tablet-like LCD with a 6.2-inch display. The resolution is at 720p, it includes a 3.5mm audio jack, stereo speakers at the bottom, a USB-C port for charging and a kickstand. The back of the console has slots for gaming cards and a slot for a microSD card. The display has an ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness itself.

This main console comes with two controllers that can be attached to it, called Joy-Con. Respectively called 'Joy-Con L' and 'Joy-Con R', for left and right. These can be attached to a charging grip that makes them closer to a regular controller and can be used that way, or they can be used individually as single player controllers. One can also purchase another controller known as the Pro Controller, this is larger in size and similar to what other consoles provide. 

The dock is a charging station, one can charge the main console by setting it in. With the Joy-Cons attached or without. This dock also has the HDMI out that connects your Nintendo Switch to the TV. Aside from this one can purchase various kinds of hardware for specific games such as the Joy-Con Wheel for racing games.

Playing modes

The gameplay has three different modes. One is the 'TV Mode' where the console is placed in the dock and the game is displayed on the TV. The second is the 'Tabletop Mode', for this the kickstand built into the console is used and it can allow users to play together away from a main screen. The third mode is the 'Handheld Mode' which essentially makes the Nintendo Switch into a single-player portable device. The modes can be switched by placing the console in the dock, or extending the kickstand and attaching the Joy-Con to the console.

The games for Nintendo Switch are available on proprietary cartridges, that are available at various stores and are universal; in the sense that they are not coded to regions for playing. Most of the games are from the brand itself but Nintendo has improved third-party game support in comparison to the past. With support for online gaming, via your social media accounts or a dedicated Nintendo Network ID account.

The top games in their library include versions of Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. The Nintendo Switch is available at a higher price point and the games have to be bought separately.

Price List

Model Price
Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Blue and Red Joy-C… Rs. 88,900
Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Blue and Red Joy-C… Rs. 88,900
Nintendo Switch Lite Rs. 59,999
Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Blue and Red Joy-C… Rs. 88,900
Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Blue and Red Joy-C… Rs. 78,000
Nintendo Switch OLED Model Rs. 94,999
Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-C… Rs. 74,999
Nintendo Switch Console – Neon Blue and Red Joy-C… Rs. 66,974
Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con With Extended B… Rs. 81,999
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