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The best price of Nintendo Wii in Pakistan is Rs. 9,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,120.


One of the first movement sensing gaming consoles, the Nintendo Wii was a success at the time of its release and for many years after. The remote is read by a movement sensing bar that is placed near the TV and it can sense 3D motion. Nintendo Wii is available at a budget-friendly price, given it is a dated console.


The Nintendo Wii

A hit gaming console from the Nintendo family. The Wii is one of the first to actually incorporate movement into gaming, the controller is able to detect pointing and 3D movement. The games are on an optical disc. The console is compact, it comes along with one Wii remote, known as Wii-mote. Another part of the Wii-mote is the nunchuck, this is needed for games that require 2 hands to play, such as the boxing game in Wii Sports. Along with this hardware, there is a sensor bar that is set by the TV which is what picks up all the players movements and translates them to code for interaction with the game.

Nintendo Wii consoles come with the Wii Sports games collection. This set includes baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing and golf. Due to the nature of how one interacts with a Wii, there was a market for fitness-related games. Designed to give you a workout; the movements one ends up doing burn calories.

Nintendo Wii sold over 101 million units till September 2019. New iterations of the console have been discontinued. With some online support also having been shut down. The games that did really well on the Wii include various versions of Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Along with Just Dance, which is similar to an arcade dancing game.

The Nintendo Wii is a console that is from one of the top brands, but today the price is relatively nominal given the year of release.

Price List

Model Price
Nintendo eShop Gift Card $100 - Switch / Wii U / … Rs. 34,067
Nintendo Super Mario Maker NTSC Nintendo Wii U Rs. 9,300
Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller Rs. 33,199
Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Pack White Rs. 52,000
Nintendo eShop Gift Card $50 - Switch / Wii U / 3… Rs. 17,034
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